Sonic in Desperate Need of Redesign

Sonic in Desperate Need of Redesign

IGN recently name their top ten video game franchises in need of a re-redesign, with the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise taking out the top spot. Other legendary franchises were not spared either by IGN, with Sonic The Hedgehog beating them all.

IGN’s full list is as follows.
10. Gauntlet
9. Secret of Mana
8. Donkey Kong
7. Contra
6. Mega Man
5. Mario Kart
4. Star Fox
3. Castlevania
2. Bomberman
1. Sonic The Hedgehog

IGN have cited gameplay and quality issues of recent titles, notably Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic Riders as justification for the top spot.

IGN’s full text is as follows.
Ya’ know what SEGA? We’d rather give everyone out there a direct email to your development team than try and sit here telling you what’s wrong with Sonic for the next four hours, but we aren’t quite to that point yet in our relationship. There’s still a chance to grow, and with a little therapy we may even learn to love you again. But seriously folks… Shadow the Hedgehog? Are you freaking insane? Rather than even bothering with the countless gameplay issues the game has, why don’t we break down the mindset of the Shadow design for a minute. Take the Sonic well all know and love, give him a chopper motorcycle, and hand him a gun. We’ve got to assume you’re out of your mind on that one, and completely dependant on stereotypes for your audience as well. Kids like violence and motorcycles, right? Make a good 3D Sonic, and hurry.

Oh, and Sonic Riders was pretty lame too.

Given the recent critical reactions and scrutiny to newer Sonic titles, will the image of the Sonic franchise once again be re-born?

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