Famitsu Scores Sonic

Famitsu Scores Sonic

The latest Famitsu magazine has hit store shelves in Japan, and the four editors have rated Sonic the Hedgehog on XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 rather healthily.

Sonic’s latest adventure was rated on both next generation platforms and received overall scores of 30/40 and 29/40 respectively. A bit of a surprising score considering the general panning the game has had from other outlets, stranger still rating the 360 version higher than the PS3 offering.

Famitsu is regarded as the ultimate gaming tome in the land of the rising sun, and is even highly respected in Western circles. Their reviews are hyper-critical most times, and feature four writers or editors assessing the game and each giving a score out of 10. As such, games scoring 30 or higher out of a possible 40 is seen as a promising assessment.

Here are the full review scores of all the games covered in the latest Famitsu magazine, courtesy of Kotaku:

Motorstorm (PS3) – 8,8,8,6
Evangelion (PS2) – 7,6,7,6
Mana 4 (PS2) – 7,8,8,7
Madden (360) – 7,8,7,5
Sonic (PS3) – 8,7,7,7
Sonic (360) – 8,7,7,8
Lost Planet (360) – 9,9,9,9
MGS P.Ops (PSP) – 9,10,9,9
Tales: Radiant Mythology (PSP) – 8,7,8,7
IQ Suppli (DS) – 7,7,6,6
Heisei Kyoiku (DS) – 6,9,7,6

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