Sonic Wild Fire: E3 2006 Playtest

Sonic Wild Fire: E3 2006 Playtest

While at E3 TSS was able to go behind doors and play the exclusive media only Sonic Wild Fire for the Nintendo Wii.

I was taken to a room behind the Sega booth where only media could attend.

There I was handed the Wii remote, which feel very good in your hand, I was surprised.

The game asked to shake the Wii controler as the start button. Right after, I was taken to a tutorial page, where Sonic was running in a book, and it asked you to move the controller in a certain way. The movements were pretty basic, left, right, moving the controller up towards you, makes Sonic break, by moving the controller down hard, Sonic does this dash and runs really fast. And one of the buttons would make Sonic jump.

After the tutorial I was finally taken to a stage that looked alot like an arabian city, and actually was alot like Aladdin. Sonic ran on AI and all you really had to do was steer and jump.

On the bottom right side of the screen there was a gauge, that when filled up you could do a dash attack/movement and Sonic would go real fast. You had to collect orbs, that reminded me alot of Nights Into Dreams for the Sega Saturn to fill the gauge up.

Graphicly the game is gorgeous, full of detail and life. The colors are very saturated and it really reminded me of the old school Sonic games.

I asked the producer of the game what was the storyline of the game. He was quiet vague but he told me that Sonic somehow found himself stuck inside this book, and there are missing pages he must find in order for him to escape out of it.

I also asked if there were going to be any characters from the Sonic family appearing in the game, he replied “TBA” (to be announced)

Sonic Wild Fire is shaping up to be a quiet fun and an unique Sonic title. Being the first Sonic solo game in 15 years, makes this game a must have to us fans out there.

Come back for more information on Sonic Wild Fire, which is set to released sometime in 2007.

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