E3 2006: SEGA announce Sonic Rivals for PSP

E3 2006: SEGA announce Sonic Rivals for PSP

The lead up to E3 never fails to disappoint us fans on the Sonic front, and it seems 2006 will be no exception. SEGA today announced what could be the first of more brand new Sonic titles, Sonic Rivals, for the Sony PSP. Much has been revealed in this first Sonic-related E3 2006 press release from SEGA, including game details, the story background and even some early screenshots.

The below extracts are taken from the aforementioned press release:

Sonic Rivals is a head-to-head competition between Sonic and his top rivals, where the gloves are off and winner takes all! Built from the ground-up, the engine allows gamers to rip through tracks in some high-spirited single player and wireless multiplayer action against friends as Sonic returns in a whole new racing-platformer with classic 2D gameplay in true 3D environments for gamers on the go.


What starts as a friendly competition between Sonic and Knuckles quickly intensifies as Shadow and other rivals jump into the action. Sonic Rivals allows gamers to utilize boost moves and power-ups to trip, shove, and vault over each other while hurtling towards the finish line at breakneck speeds. Players will negotiate wildly twisting 3D tracks while avoiding the insidious Dr. Eggman and his myriad of hazardous traps and contraptions.

(Be sure to read the entire release here.)

Sonic Rivals will mark the first recent Sonic title to be developed outside of SEGA/Sonic Team. A Canadian studio, Backbone Entertainment are working on the title, if their past PSP work, Death JR, is any indication, we can expect that the Sonic license is in relatively experienced hands. A fall 2006 release is currently slated for Sonic Rivals.

E3 2006 is still a week away, but you can expect a host of images and media to be available very shortly here at TSS once the show begins. Given SEGA’s track record this title is only the tip of the iceberg – be sure to stick with SONIC NEWS as we cover Sonic The Hedgehog at E3 2006 as it happens.

[UPDATE] The first pieces of media have trickled out, including the logo and some more artwork, check out the TSS Sonic Rivals page for the low down.

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