UK McDonalds Sonic X Happy Meal Promotion Begins

UK McDonalds Sonic X Happy Meal Promotion Begins

It wasn’t all that long ago McDonalds rolled out their last Sonic Happy Meal promotion, but they are at it once again in the UK and with a completely different line of toys for the young/young at heart. The Sonic X themed toys now available are disc launchers, available in four different characters – Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow.

It currently has not been revealed as to whether more different character themed toys will be launched during the campaign, however given that this promotion is running alongside of Hello Kitty themed toys, it may be a little much to wonder why there are no Amy or Cream toys.

The following images have been nabbed from McDonalds Happy Meal flash site. (Available here)

Also available in the new online content section of the promotion are a new desktop wallpaper and ecard.

Previously when SEGA/Sonic LCD Games have featured in the prestigious McDonalds Happy Meal, they have enjoyed huge success around the world. Now the question will be answered once and for all, was it the Sonic characters branding or the actual LCD Games which sold burgers?

A big thanks to Poridet for the tip!

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