Sonic X-Treme: Box Art Bother

Sonic X-Treme: Box Art Bother

Amongst all the mess that was happening with development of Sonic X-Treme itself, there wasn’t a lot of things left for Chris Senn and co to hold on to. SEGA America believed in SEGA Technical Institute and released promotional box artwork to publishers – but it wasn’t quite the box any of the development team had in mind.

Behind schedule and over-stressed, I found out through the grapevine that the marketing department had chosen box art for our game – without us having ever seen any of it.” recalls Senn, who went out of his way to design and propose an alternative cover (Click image to view full size). “Needless to say, after working so hard and trying to coordinate a team atmosphere, this lack of “departmental coordination” came at the wrong time for me. To top that off, I hated this cover with a passion. Cutesy, poor posing, nothing dramatic, no energy (no fire!).

So, taking (FUNKEE) action, Chris decided to send a letter to the marketing department with his cover proposal (click the images above to view them in full size). As you can see, the proposal Chris designed is full of character, and would have likely suited the game presentation. Alas, we can only imagine as this becomes another archived pleasantry on the most mysterious Sonic X-Treme.

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