Sonic Riders is on the Track

Sonic Riders is on the Track

Sonic Team surprises with announcement for a new racing game. Sonic Riders is on the way for this Winter, for Japanese gamers.

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine reveals the whole deal for Sonic Riders. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and three new bird friends called by the names of Storm the Albatross, Jet the Hawk and Wave the Sparrow.

Much like Sonic R, Dr.Eggman has called for a racing challenge. Winning means gaining a Chaos Emerald. Alot of tracks will be included in the game, such as Green Cave, Sandy Ruin, Splash Canyon and Egg Factory.

Each character uses an “air board” of sorts, busting moves as they go. Keeping these air boards moving seems to be no pickle, though. Throughout courses, you will have to fill your air up. Doing tricks and riding in other player’s turbulence is the main key to the game, if you want to keep up a relatively good speed and want a shot at the Chaos Emerald.

Riding in another player’s turbulence is something you will have to use alot, it seems. You will get boosts of speed from being in another’s turbulence, and occasionally a jump. It will also make it so you won’t lose any of your own air power. But be catious, riding in turbulence may cause your board to go out of wack, and go flying out of the course.

Of course, no racing game is fit without it’s multi-player mode. Sonic Riders will feature quite of few ways of playing with friends.

Sonic Racing’s main man this time around is Yuda Koshi, who has worked with Sonic numerous times. Expect to see an American and European release of the game for early 2006, taking to Gamecube, Playstation 2 and Xbox. If you can’t wait until then, you could import it once it comes out in Japan.

Expect to see more on Sonic Riders soon, as the Tokyo Game Show is coming up soon. On that note, remember that there is also to be a big announcement on the Next-gen Sonic on the 9th of September. Stay with Sonic News for all the incoming information.

Update: Septermber 9. Many have submitted their scans of the magazine, and they’re now up. Check it out.

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