Rumour of Knuckles Game Not True

Rumour of Knuckles Game Not True

Echidnas can lay eggs. Our red echidna’s secret is now out. It so happens that the speculation of a new Knuckles game is nothing but a preview for Sonic Mega Collection + on G4TV’s show Cinematech.

At the end of July, G4TV’s show Cinematech put up a summary for a new episode reading: “Come experience the new Prince of Persia and let it run into your heart. As long as the guys from the Sniper Elite trailer don’t shoot it first! Plus, a visual history of the portable Castlevania games await you as you attempt to unveil Knuckles the Echidna’s dark secret. And just for the heck of it, Jet Set Future Radio, Alone in the Dark, Battlestar Galactica, and Stretch Panic make up the rest of the suspects. Happy now? We think you will be.”

A lot of people took this to heart, and understood it as the show was going to possibly give information on a new Knuckles game. There were many doubts, and many different speculations towards it. In the end, alot of people decided to wait for the show to air on G4TV.

Unfortunatly, the Sonic Kingdom server was down as the episode aired, and some forgot about it. Luckily, some SSMB members watched it, and gave us the 411. It so happens that the summary was referring to Sonic & Knuckles in Sonic Mega Collection +, and that echidnas lay eggs, and other echidna information. Knuckles’ large secret is nothing new.

But with this rumour, people have began to think of a new Knuckles game, and some would like it. If you would like to help raise the idea of a new Knuckles game, a petition was found. Check More Information for the link to it.

Who knows? One day there might be a new Knuckles only game. To make sure you got the inside info always, keep posted to Sonic News and TSS. Thanks to Invader Tails and Gamerguy for the main info.

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