E3: Next-Gen Sonic Video [UPDATE]

E3: Next-Gen Sonic Video [UPDATE]

SONIC NEWS FIRST: The Sonic Stadium has obtained the full movie of the next generation Sonic the Hedgehog demo in action. It shows stunning footage of how we can expect the blue blur to look like on next generation consoles.

The movie is of slight quality, due to the filming taking place from afar (covertly, one would imagine), but you can download it here from The Sonic Stadium from its exclusive E3 Coverage Section. Look under the “TSS Commentary” subsection.

A movie analysis will be provided later today ONLY at The Sonic Stadium, you can view the movie for yourself until then. Admire the gorgeous graphics, and have an insight to where the next generation of Sonic games will take us… only at TSS and SONIC NEWS.

NOTE: Since our last report on the “Sonic 360” story, IGN has posted the same video details on it’s PlayStation channels. Whether this title is in the making for XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, or both, remains yet to be seen.

UPDATE: A brand new movie has replaced the current movie we have to offer you – this new movie is much clearer, and higher quality. Please enjoy the screenshots the TSS E3 Coverage has also prepared, ripped from the movie.

Credit to Kadosho for posting the link on SONIC NEWS, Professor Machenstein for the video posting on the SSMB Forums, and Phr0zen for the touching up of the movie and provision of the XviD Version movie.

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