E3: Fifth Phantom Saga

E3: Fifth Phantom Saga

As Sony and Microsoft unveiled their latest consoles during their Pre-E3 Press Conferences on Monday, it was a good time for SEGA to start shouting about their advancement, now they’ve firmly gotten their feet dug into the third party game.

During the PlayStation3 unveiling on Sony’s side, there was a clip of a new SONICTEAM project called Fifth Phantom Saga. It’s marks the house of Sonic’s first attempt at a First Person Shooter – but as you’d expect, it’s not your bog standard fare.

While you do have a gun and can blast the crap out of baddies, the main protagonist appears to be a hellish, other-worldly creature that floats about and lays the smack on enemies. This somewhat evil-looking beast is controlled by the player, using the free hand not holding the gun. The unnamed creature can pick up objects and lob them at enemies, and can also appear to be used to solve puzzles: with one section of the trailer featuring the monster matching an effigy on a wall.

Much like Phantasy Star Universe’s trailer last year, this is very early days for the game – as good as it looks already, your monster doesn’t appear to interact with the surroundings very well, with objects just floating around the middle of the creature (and thus, melting past its polygons) instead of it just picking it up.

But it would appear that SONICTEAM still haven’t lost their creative spark – it would seem an odd gameplay mechanic to get a hellish beast to play the game for you, and not much of the shooting of bullets. But we’re assuming there’s a lot more to it than that, consider this a simple hint of what’s to come.

CLICK HERE to see the trailer of Fifth Phantom Saga.
Movie courtesy of IGN. (11MB, Quicktime)

SEGA has had a rough ride of this current generation due to it being its first generation as a third party again; so now the company has its grounding, we’re starting to see what its really capable of. Stay tuned to SONIC NEWS for the latest breaking E3 news.

Keep an eye on The Sonic Stadium for more coverage of Fifth Phantom Saga when the E3 event kicks in. Discuss the game at the SSMB Forums HERE. Aaaaaaand, you can also visit SEGA/SONICTEAM’s official FPS website HERE.

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