Friday Loungin’

Friday Loungin’

Don’t you just love Fridays? Beginning of the weekend (which is always dogged with work for me), all-round good feeling, spring in yer step. For us at TSS, it means we polish off another healthy update for you to get your teeth into.

First off, we have new entries for the TSS Mailbag’s April month. Have a general question, comment on something Sonic or even TSS itself? Or maybe you just wanna chat. Be sure to get in touch, and mark your email subject “Mailbag”. Today’s update discusses Death Eggs, online Sonics, Shadow (again) and a fan of the ol’ Illegitimacy section.

Speaking of which, have you taken a peek there? The Illegitimacy section is where we just prat about with the Sonic universe and make all kinds of random stuff. This is the first real attention to the page since I made it solely an archive space for old misc stuff. See an advertisement for the ‘AAAA’ and a special letter from Big the Cat, snatched by TSS spies!

Continuing our apparent trend of offering “weekend reading”, we have more Sonic Fleetway scans. Issue 100’s Cover, and complete pages for Issues #36, #37, #38, #39 and #40. This selection is especially good from #35/36, as it introduces Knuckles and the REAL gearing of Nigel Kitching’s ingenius scripts coupled with the unbeatable art of Rich Elson. Worth the read. Also, my local comic shop FINALLY bothered to get some Sonic Archies! So… expect scans from Sonic #142 to #147. As per our ‘policy’ regarding Archies though, we don’t scan the whole book until they are about 6 months to a year old. Gives you a chance to actually, you know, BUY them.

Aside from that, you got a re-scanned cover for Archie Knuckles #3, two scanned articles (for SA2 and PSO), an update to the Links Database aaaand a downloadable movie of the Sonic X French Opening. Check ’em out, find the links on TSS’ main page. Have a good weekend. 😉

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