Beware of April Fools

Beware of April Fools

Ah, April Fools, don’t you love them? Well, you would if you’re the “doer” and not the “doee”. But a whole day before the pranking festivities, a Sonic site has decided to get into the spirit of hoaxing already., well respected Sonic X resource, has today posted an unsourced news story, claiming that SEGA of America have plans to strip Sonic the Hedgehog of his duty as company mascot and replace him with angsty sour-faced git, Shadow. Despite the amount of Shadow fans online, all who fell for the trick were not pleased that Sonic seemed to have had his job removed.

Although has not yet come forward with the joke-making responsibility, SONIC NEWS is here to let you know that the story is utterly and completely bogus. No major Sonic Team and Sonic news are planned until the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in May, where Sonic Team has officially said will mark the “Banner Year for Sonic”. Yeah, the penny’s dropped now hasn’t it. 😛

SONIC NEWS reminds its visitors and all Sonic the Hedgehog fans to be very wary of hoaxes and so-called “official” news or material made during the course of the next day or so. At least, unless you want a laugh at the Sonic Stadium Message Boards.

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