SVTcc 2002 Coverage: The Sonic Comic Convention Opens Its Doors!

It runs for two weeks. Two whole weeks people. Comics. That is the name of the game in the SonicVerse Team Comic Convention (SVTcc). Online Comics. Mostly the kind that are hand drawn, but you’ll also find some sprite-based comics here too. The Sonic Stadium has been given exclusive rights to cover this event, and with a show this newsworthy, we’d say that’s a pretty big honour!

In this first part of our special SVTcc coverage, we’ll tell you how we’ll be covering the show, and what booths are available during the course of the event. As time goes on, we’ll focus on different booths at a time, so that you can easily digest the info per day. It also allows us to cover more ground and gives us more time to check out what’s on offer. We’ll also be interviewing some of the booth members, including (we’re pretty much certain), Sonic Adventurer (aka ‘SA’) – the head guy behind it all.

The convention website itself is a joy to behold – silky smooth menus with quite a lot going on. SA has done a very good job in gathering a huge amount of comics. Although it was once rumoured that close pals J. Axer and Dawn Best would be making an appearance, but this now seems not be the case. Still, the comics on offer are in good supply, and are full of vibrant colour and excellent quality. Here’s a rundown of all the booths on show:

A Bright and Shiny Future: A mostly-serious sequel to Sonic Adventure 2. It’s 100% SegaSonic, no Archie characters. Created by: Sapphire Luna

Sapphire Luna: A comic based on the characters created by the Sonic Team and Rafael Valencia. Sonic finds himself in the future, sent there by a mysterious figure. Coming December 2002. Also, several other comic shorts and some lost pages from the ill-fated Sonic Hype. Created by: Digital Addiction Produtions & Others

SU2 – The Sonic Manga: Sonic, Sonia, Manic, Tails in one manga and… No Songs! What do you want more? Created by: Chalcara

Sonic :: Epilogue: Set in the SatAM world, several years after Snively’s rise to power. A witty, teenage Tails – now an official Freedom Fighter with an attitude – must face off against Sonic himself, after Snively mutates the hedgehog’s mind (perhaps permanently). Can Tails choose between his duties and his loyalties? Created by: Marie Lu

Chibi Amy: A sprite comic about cute lil’ Amy (yeah right), bad puns and humour aplenty, if you can call five comics ‘aplenty’. ;P Created by: Cinossu

The Ceramic Heaven: A site with Ceramic Figurines of Sonic, Mario, etc. It also has a Sonic Sprite Comic and a rare Custom Sprite Comic on Legend of Zelda. Go check it out! Created by: MacX

Sonic X Comics: This booth is for the fan comic series Sonic X and the sprite comic The Erratic Emeralds! Filled with tons of stuff you won’t find anywhere else, like new issues, trailers, cool art, games, contests, and tons more, you’ll surely want to check this colossal booth out. Created by: Sonick13

Nessa’s Comics: Colorful Sonic Comics made by Vanessa Zucker! Created by: Vanessa Zucker

Bumbleking Productions: The mind and talents that brought you Other-M strut their stuff with new issues, new titles, and greatness galor! Created by: Ian Potto

Live and Learn: This is a musical comic meant to go along with the “Live and Learn” song on the Sonic Adventure 2 album. Created by: Christine Chong

SegaSonicFanComic: Retelling the Sega Story, SegaSonicComic stays true to the series with a few new twists. Prepare yourself with a superb art and a suprisingly engrossing story no Sonic fan should miss! Created by: Tarik

Sonic Shadows: SVT’s newest fan comic comes in crashing into the big leagues with an intricate storyline of many twisted SegaSonic story plots. Inspired by events preceding Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Shadows delves into the idea of Professor Gerald’s “Ultimate Life Form”. To put it simply, the mystery behind Sonic and Shadow… Created by: Sonic Adventurer

White-Ash: It ended in a bright flash of light and a bombardment of fire, and with a snap of a finger everything we knew was gone. The following years were complete chaos and ruin, but slowly we are rebuilding our world… but what are we building it into? A utopia? Or something even more worse than our imaginations can conceive? Enter the world of White-Ash and find out for yourself. Created by: Matt Potts

Sonic V: The true story of Sonic the Hedgehog, beginning to end! Every Sonicverse has been thrown into a melting pot, leaving no characters left out, no locations unexplored, and giving you the truest version of the Sonic legacy. Created by: TCMSonic

Splatterfication!: This is my popular sprite comic, Splatterfication!, which is based on the friends I’ve met at The Sonic Foundation Message Board. Be warned, for they are insane people so… insane things do happen in this comic. Created by: Sega Hedgehog

El Zorrito Zurrado: A sprite comic strip starting Mails “Tails” Prower, and an entire cast of cool characters. See Tails overcome the dangers of becoming a greater hero than Sonic, and have a good laugh. Created by: Alfonso Rodriguez (Big Al)

Butterflies by Sonic HQ & Studio Agnes: Butterflies is a new SatAM-based comic presented by Sonic HQ and Studio Agnes. It started out as an attempt to continue the old Invasion Mobius project and eventually became a comic all its own. The comic features spectacular visuals and an exciting time-travel plot. Created by: Vector

And that’s about everyone! Just for the record, The Sonic Stadium had planned to create a Comic Series in order to be shown in a booth to SVTcc earlier this year, but time restrictions including the reworking of the site prevented this. Maybe next time… 😉

Check out the SVTcc Website here!

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