SVTcc 2002 Coverage: Special Events Unveiled

Rumours abound! During the end of the SVTcc, several things are expected to happen. Some of these have been confirmed by the guy behind it all, Sonic Adventurer, while others are left for rumour milling to take its course…

1. Sonic Transformation: Unconfirmed – You know the Sonic turning Super Sonic on the left on the website? Well, it’s rumoured that during the event, the image will be completely Super Sonic by the time the event ends. Wicked!

2. Special Christmas Edition: Unconfirmed – It’s also rumoured that SA is working on a special Christmas edition (of Sonic Shadows, presumably) on the 25th December, so check back to the event straight after Santa’s been at your stocking.

3. SA Versus Marie-Lu: Confirmed – This has been confirmed by SA officially. There’s going to be an art competition between Marie-Lu (from the Sonic::Epilogue booth) and SA (from Sonic Shadows booth) to see who draws the worse Shadow the Hedgehog. Marie-Lu seems to think that SA is better than her and he think she’s better than him, so this competition will show us once and for all who is the best!

Exciting, huh? Keep checking back to the SVTcc 2002 website for more details!

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