SEGA AGES Retro Series to Be Revived on PlayStation 2

You might (or might not) remember a short-lived, Japan-only collection of games on the Sega Saturn called SEGA AGES. Today, it has been announced that a selection of old-school SEGA titles will hit Sony’s PlayStation 2 in a comeback for the retro-revival series. Classic Phantasy Star games are said to form a part of the lineup.

According to the Magic Box, SEGA AGES will return with the company releasing individual retro remakes over the next year or two on PS2. The series will likely be Japan-only, like past games, but a lot of these old-school games are simple to understand so it might be worth you importing.

Each game will be sold for 2500 yen, and the first four games in the list below are scheduled to arrive in Summer 2003. Check out the list below and see – the list is notable for a lack of Sonic, but retro blue blur fans should be soon covered with the release of Sonic Mega Collection on Gamecube anyway.

* Golden Axe (summer 2003)
* Space Harrier (summer 2003)
* Phantasy Star (summer 2003)
* Fantasy Zone (summer 2003)
* Alex Kidd in the Miracle World
* Gain Ground
* Puzzles and Action: Tant R
* Virtua Racing
* Phantasy Star II
* Phantasy Star IV: End of Millennium
* Bare Knuckle (Street of Rage)
* Bonaza Brothers
* Monoco GP
* Last Bronx

Source: The Magic Box

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