Sonic Stadium & SonicVerse Team… Team Up!

Yeahp. You get to hear it here. FIRST. The Sonic Stadium has been open not even a week and already there’s partnerships coming along. But it’s not just any old team up here. The Sonic Stadium has officially teamed up with the biggest and world renowned Sonic Fan Media group, SonicVerse Team, in some hugely exclusive deals between the two website groups that aim to benefit you, the Online Sonic Fan.

It has been suggested for quite some time now that The Sonic Stadium and SVT were gonna do something big together. For a long time the two websites have become very close friends, each respecting one another for their fab work and, in our case anyway, admiring what each other has to offer.

In the case of The Sonic Stadium, that has very much been the case. SVT have been pally with us in the past – when Sonic_Hedgehogs himself had been running Sonic News for some time, the two sites collaborated on ideas, including the Sonic News exclusive Unofficial Sega Magazine, which has since been carried down onto The Sonic Stadium since the two sites merged. Dreadknux however has been a fan of the works of SVT since he came across their website at this year’s February/March SAGE event.

While writing the report for SAGE [2002/Season 1], I noticed that SonicVerse Team had a Fan Game in the making. As I was doing a huge report on the event, I wanted to conduct an interview with Sonic Adventurer, the lead guy behind it all.

Turns out SVT weren’t ready with their Fan Game, but boy did it give me an insight into what they were doing. Their website had me lost in their fab comics – Sonic Shadows and Other-M are my current faves. I was also aware of the Unofficial Sega Mag beforehand, but this was the first time I truly experienced their best talents.”

SonicVerse Team have also been known to be a fan of The Sonic Stadium – Sonic Adventurer expressed his excitement about the team-up, and also included that he had grown attached to the information/fan submission website.

Obviously, this team up has come as a huge surprise to the entire Sonic Community, not to mention an exciting one. The best is yet to come – The ‘Stadium and SVT have only just made it official, and marks a breakthrough in team-ups! Ironically, and classically for Dreadknux, this exclusive collaboration also seems to be quite an innovative step, as he so rightly points out…

This is probably the first kind of thing to happen in the Sonic Online Community – two well respected websites joining forces to allow us to offer the Sonic Fan more. We at The Sonic Stadium felt the same as SonicVerse Team in the sense that our individual goals are ultimately the same – create great and imaginative media sources and entertainment for Sonic website visitors.

So, what will come out of this partnership? Well, this twosome seem to be joined at the hip in terms of respect – The Sonic Stadium already has Unofficial Sega Magazine, and it has also been confirmed that Sonic Shadows, the popular SVT comic that has been given rave reviews by such sites as The Sonic Foundation, is coming to The Sonic Stadium exclusively as the first stage of this partnership.

The Sonic Stadium will also be creating some very exciting events and media productions, which will be exclusive to SVT in return. Dreadknux is keen to point out something very special in the wings though.

This partnership is like no other. On the one hand, you have The Sonic Stadium, which is fast becoming a popular resource for the largest collection of Sonic information and Fan Submissions. On the other hand you have SonicVerse Team, experts at creating the best Sonic Online Comics, and quite frankly the biggest Sonic Fan Media group there is!

We have some very big plans in the pipeline, but we cannot reveal those yet. Sonic Shadows, the popular SVT comic is coming exclusively to the Sonic Stadium as Stage 1 of this team-up, but rest assured, there will be more imaginative fruits being produced by this partnership.

The best is truly yet to come. It really is worth sticking with The Sonic Stadium and SonicVerse Team for the best Sonic the Hedgehog productions and information. You won’t regret it!

Hmmmm… tasty. Sonic Shadows is enough to get anyone going, and as The Sonic Stadium exclusive, this should further shove the site into super-site status.

But, this is in no way a one way partnership – SonicVerse Team has done well making special pals with the leading (and only) Sonic website with the imagination to create huge Sonic events and media forms to entertain Sonic fans forever, so this site will definitely have something to return in the matter.

SVT and the ‘Stadium will go hand in hand for the considerable future – and that, we shall round up, must be the BIGGEST Sonic Fan News to hit the Internet this year!!! Keep an eye on this site for more news!

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