TSSZ @ SAGE 5: Day 4 Coverage

It’s our final day of SAGE 5 coverage, and what have we learned? Well, thanks to our friends at TSSZ News, quite a lot actually. Today we focus on a whole heap of booths and spotlight their offerings, including updated demos, a full release of ShenSonic and even a new version of the SAGE 5 fan game application itself. Read on…


Neon Chaos, a tssz|news reporter, is showing off a new RPG in the works, Collision. Some of the features in Collision include:

  • Play as three different heroes – Sonic, Mario, and Megaman X – each with their own special abilities
  • Special randomization feature that adds massive replay value
  • Raise animals for the big race (not in the demo, sorry)
  • Learn to switch between Night and Day to open up many secrets
  • Save your game in one of the 15 slots
  • Tons of unique side quests and puzzles
  • Creative story line

A public demo is available for download. Also available at SoaH Productions is the Shadow of a Hedgehog Card Game.

Amy Adventure

Amy Adventure is at SAGE thanks to Gemstone Fan Games; new features in the full edition will include the Amy Passport, which works much like the Shenmue Passport in the original Shenmue for Dreamcast.

The demo can be downloaded by clicking here.

ShenSonic Available for Download Again

Good news, SimSonic has found a new host for the full edition of ShenSonic. Another fan gamer has been kind enough to pick it up. Get the full edition by clicking here.

Sonic Spam

Sondow Hedgehog and SAE Studios announced on Tuesday that their flagship program, Sonic Spam, will be undergoing a complete revamp for the future. However, no further information was given about what exactly the new SS will contain.

We’ll try and follow developments on it through SAGE.

SAGE Program V2 Available

A new edition of the SAGE access program, dubbed V2, has been uploaded to SAGExpo.org. It includes special promotion items that can be collected in the game. Booth links have also been added or changed to reflect accuracy. In addition, for those who do not with to download the new version, an HTML list of links have been added to SAGExpo.org.


While not much is known about Island Crisis (due to some broken links on BoBerFly’s SAGE booth,) we do know that it appears to be an original title, a concept that was welcomed at SAGE this year. A demo is available and working, you can download it here.

DMZ Productions

The downloads and information available at DMZ Production’s booth include their current work in progress, DMZ Adventure 2, based on the popular DMZ character. Also available are downloads from hilarious parodies of Sonic Advance–a full version of Sonic Advance 1 Crap, and a demo of Sonic Advance 2 Crap. There is also a final version of an attempt to emulate Sonic Advance 2 on MMF, called Sonic Advance 2 Fake.


Along with a demo of the third installment in the WTGB series, there is also a demo of BeyondSonic and what appears to be the full version of Sonic Stash (we’re not sure due to the feature list’s vagueness.) All three appear to be shaping up nicely though.

In addition, if you check the Misc section, you’ll see three new screenshots from BeyondSonic’s fourth level.

More info when it’s available.

Devios Games

Not a lot is known about this fan game, but many who have played say it is an excellent example of how a SFG should be done. Devios Games has a demo of Sonic Madness at the SAGE booth (available through here). He also has posted a list of what to expect for the full edition:

  • 7+ Massive Levels, each with 3 acts! 
  • Full mp3 soundtrack from top remix artists like Jivemaster and Malcos! 
  • Dynamic Rain and Snow Effects! 
  • Stunning set pieces and death defying stunts!

Can he deliver? We will see soon.

Mettrix Addon

STJR has posted more projects from Stealth, who recently left the Sonic community. AJ Freda writes of the download (which you can find here):

In late August, Stealth released several videos of Knuckles and Tails in Green Hill Zone. Now you can play it! Just extract this to your Mettrix directory, and instead of typing:


to run the game, type


Only GHZ1 and GHZ3 are complete.. but to get to GHZ3 you will need to type the following instead:

SONIC SONIC SONIC1 warp 1 3 player1 player2 playmode joystick

player1 – ID number for player 1 (1 or above)
player2 – ID number for player 2 (0 if no player 2)
playmode – 0 for normal play, 1 for time attack (not implemented), 2 for split screen.
joystick – 0 for no joystick, 1 to turn the joystick on.

Updated TFH Demo

tssz|news has learned that Blaze Hedgehog has released an update to the SAGE Demo of Sonic: The Fated Hour. There are several tweaks in the game, so it is suggested by Blaze to pick up the update. The link to do so is right here.

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