TSSZ @ SAGE 5: Day 2 Coverage

Today’s news roundup for SAGE 5 includes a new demo from Blaze Hedgehog for Sonic: The Fated Hour, along with an interesting showing from newcomer Xoram Technologies for Sonic Parallatic Adventure. Also, a mystery canned project has appeared on Sonic Team Junior’s booth… what’s that all about?

New TFH Demo

Blaze is making it required that the README file is read, but regardless, the new Sonic: The Fated Hour demo is available at the Blazefire Productions booth at SAGE.

Nicho’s Minions

Sonikku Dance Dance Revolution, Nack the Weasel, and Dawning Evil are available for show at Nicho’s SAGE booth. Currently only demos for Nack and DE can be downloaded, with not a lot of progress made on DE and Sonikku DDR still in early development.

Sonic Parallatic Adventure

While new, Xoram Technologies is looking to make its mark with a demo of Sonic Parallatic Adventure at SAGE. Here is the tentative features list for SPA:

  • Sonic and Shadow playable
  • Original level names and levels
  • Paralax backgrounds
  • A static engine
  • Loops, slopes, grinds
  • (Combo counter)
  • Explosion effects when killing badnik
  • Moving platforms
  • Check points
  • Fusion badniks and fusion bosses
  • Saving
  • (Rating System)
  • (In game bonuses)
  • Grind tricks
  • 2D levels with 3D perspective

We’ll try and follow up with a preview for you later.

Mettrix Demo… at Sonic Team Junior’s Booth??

In a surprising twist this SAGE, Sonic Team Junior has somehow managed to dig up the latest beta from Stealth’s apparently canned Sonic: Project Mettrix! It’s 11 megabytes, provided “as is,” and you can download it here.

More on this interesting development soon.

Updated Booth Links

Some of you may have noticed that booth links in the SAGE program don’t appear to be getting you anywhere. Tonight, tssz|news will begin compiling updated links for the expo to get you to every single SAGE booth possible!

We start with:
http://www.satamsonic.com/tttr/ – Sonique Hedgehog/TTTR
http://www.angelfire.com/games4/sviwgameplay – Gameplay (Matt the Yak)

That’s all the updates we have for now.

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