Dreadknux’s Diaries: Popularity? Moi?

Woah. Even though I have (and even stated several times) that The Sonic Stadium’s updates would be practically nil, people still keep visiting. That’s gotta be a good sign – I really need some of those signs now, as the place looks like it’s falling apart. If people stop visiting now, they’ll never get to come to the actual re-launch in October (well, hopefully October).

Good news about the Message Board – it’s on its way up, up, up. The SSMB’s now getting a healthy intake of new members and current posters staying for the cause of having a good time. That, at least, makes me slightly happier. 🙂

Someone emails me saying that The Sonic Stadium has been mentioned in some American magazine – one called ‘Your PC’. I asked around (even to my friends) and they have never heard of it. Ah well, if it was a joke then nice one, because I’m not in a very laughing mood at this moment in time…. ^_^

Note: If the magazine actually DOES exist, then please contact me about it. The issue in which this site has been mentioned is Issue #38 – there should be a Sonic Websites section, talking about three sites that the magazine has looked at. The Sonic Stadium should be one of them.

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