TSS ‘SITE RANT’: Can You Believe This Guy?

This is going to be (possibly) the only ‘Site Rant’ I’ll ever make on this website, but it’s a valid one for sure, and you can easily feel for me on this issue. Hell, it’s not even a rant really, but more like a simple… question. And that question is; why are people so easily worked up about things? It’s really starting to get me down.

I’m talking, in particular, to the webmaster of fansite ‘Mystic Mobius’. Why? Why why and, erm… oh yeah, why? This guy seemed pleasant enough at the start – he asked for a TSS Monthly Award. Every breathing second, he asked me for that award, even when I was actually preparing it for him. I do have other things to do than make awards, thank you very much. But that wasn’t even the problem.

This webmaster IM’ed me a while back, asking for J. Axer’s AIM handle. Now, you’ll all know about the exclusive interview we had with the cool artist himself. Axer asked us to not share his personal AIM handle, so we didn’t display it on the interview page. This didn’t stop Mystic Mobius Webmaster from asking though, and fair enough, it was a valid question to ask. I’ll grant him that. But, on multiple occasions, we said we couldn’t – and really, this guy couldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

After I told him that it wasn’t possible to tell him Axer’s handle, he went straight to Andrew (who is currently on vacation, bless ^_^), and gave HIM a heap of trouble instead. Constantly asking for J’s AIM… and we constantly wouldn’t give it to him.

Soon afterwards, he just made us lose interest more by saying that age-old thing: “Sonic Stadium has stolen content from Sonic HQ”. Get a grip. The whole point of the Sonic Stadium is to make a fresh start. Why would we steal content if I asked personally for people to own up to any ‘stolen’ content that happened to be here to be removed? And, everyone knows (even Sonic HQ) that we did not steal it on purpose. Why am I even talking about this? This is all part of SSNG‘s past, not The Sonic Stadium’s!

The webmaster of Mystic Mobius then stated to Andrew that he took off our Affiliate button – but, do we really give a monkey’s? If this guy is willing to be immature enough to take off our affiliate link just because we’re keeping a promise to someone else, Mystic Mobius isn’t really worth the effort to be our affiliate. It’s as simple as that. We don’t have time for those who have nothing better to do than harass us.

A quick check of the site – www.mysticmobius.com shows an update – “Sonic Stadium’s affiliate link is gone, and the webmaster knows why and what it will take to get it back on.” That’s all referring to the above situation. NOW you know why this guy is such an immature person.

Guess what pal? It’s your loss. We’ve got so many affiliates already – do you really think you’re site’ll make a difference? Honestly, some people. He’ll probably say how many visitors he’s got, but understand that his counter is a FastCounter – a counter that goes up every time you hit ‘Refresh’. To get that high a number, that guy must have been up all night tapping the button… Anyway, if you see anything like that from Mystic Mobius, you now know the truth and why it happened. Probably why he didn’t explain it on the site himself – it would have made him look immature. So we took the liberty of doing it for him.

If I sound angry or upset about this matter… well, I am. If I seem to be over-reacting, well I’m not. If someone came up to you and asked for an award, you might it to him. If he then starts to ‘blackmail’ your affiliation over someone’s AIM Handle, you’ll understand that people like him aren’t worth the time. There are too many people like him in this Internet Community, I can unfortunately say with honesty.

We at the Sonic Stadium have gone through a past of rough patches – but we’re not going to be made to look bad anymore. Not when it’s not our fault. So, erm, sorry guy, but you kinda asked for it. Oh, and you’re affiliate button’s coming off too, and being replaced soon with Sonic Fan Videos HQ.

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