Sonic Mega Collection Will Have ‘Dozens of Unlockable Surprises’

If you were feeling a little disappointed about the selection of games in Sonic Mega Collection, maybe this will make you feel better – according to a new report, Sonic Team intends to pack the compilation with loads of extra bonus content and ‘unlockable surprises’ to give more bang for your buck.

A quick preview by IGN reveals that, while the list of Mega Drive titles we know about is pretty much the confirmed final line-up (no Sonic CD, we’re afraid), SEGA has promised “dozens of unlockable surprises” that will keep you busy.

“For starters, a ton of the Sonic comic book covers will be available for the viewing, and even one of them will be a full edition,” reads the preview. “On top of this, you will be able to find high-res art of almost every Sonic game there ever was… packaging, instruction manuals… even some European packaging.”

There may even be more unlockables that we don’t know about yet – all very exciting. IGN also notes that the Mega Drive games on offer – ranging from Sonic 1 to Sonic Spinball – run “flawlessly” on Gamecube. So it sounds like Sonic Team is really putting the effort in when it comes to making these games run on modern consoles.

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