Ken Penders to Attend San Diego Comic Con 2002

If you plan on hitting San Diego Comic Con this year, chances are you could run into Archie Sonic comic writer and artist Ken Penders! The author has announced that he will be running a table at the event along with Dawn Best, as well as potentially selling sketches and back issues while stocks last.

“At the moment, I’m scheduled to be seated at table AA-7 in Artists Alley,” Penders wrote on his website. “Dawn Best will be at my table unless fate intervenes and she somehow lucks into one for herself.”

While Penders isn’t quite sure if he’ll be offering sketches yet – “my first priority is finishing up something I owe to a fan who’s been extremely patient” – if he does he will be charging $50 for on-the-spot commissions.

“Regarding Sonic and Knuckles back issues, I’ll be showing up with quite an extensive selection of back issues. Chances are I’ll sell out of certain issues quickly as a result. I also have plenty of original art for sale.”

Check out Ken’s website post for the full info, along with links to eBay listings to special art pieces.

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