First Sonic Advance 2 Screenshots and Details Revealed

The first details on Sonic Advance 2 have just been unleashed, courtesy of Famitsu magazine in Japan. We have a few screenshots of the opening stages of the Game Boy Advance sequel, along with the Zone names to boot.

The above screenshot is set in a level called ‘Leaf Forest’, and will be the first Zone in the game. As you’d expect from a Sonic game’s first stage, it’s very green and colourful.

This new stage seems to give off some Lava Reef (Sonic & Knuckles) vibes, even more so because the screenshot features Knuckles. It’s called ‘Hot Crater’.

The third stage reveal is this musically-themed area. Its name is currently still a secret, but it looks like there will be a lot of high places that Tails will be able to get to by flying.

According to a report on the Famitsu reveal by IGN Pocket, no other details were announced for Sonic Advance 2, besides the fact that the speed has apparently been significantly increased from the first game. IGN reckons that Dimps is also handling development on the sequel, like they did with Sonic Advance.

As soon as we get more information we will let you guys know!

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