PSO Gamecube Trial Won’t Be Broadband Compatible

Sonic Team recently revealed that a trial version of Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II on Gamecube will hit Japanese store shelves in May, but if anyone was hoping for some broadband-speed Rappy-bashing next month they can forget it.

According to a follow-up report by XenGamers, the trial version of PSO on Gamecube will not be compatible with broadband internet connections. The reason for this is simply that Nintendo won’t be releasing the Gamecube’s broadband adapter until later this summer.

For now, users who want to dive into PSO early can use the Gamecube’s standard-speed modem to go online, and as previously reported SEGA will be selling PSO Trial hardware bundles complete with modem and compatible keyboards. So that’s an option for you.

When the final game is released, however, PSO Episode I & II will indeed support the Gamecube Broadband Adapter. In the meantime, while internet fees for the full game have yet to be announced, the trial version will be completely free to go online – so if you have a standard GCN modem you can play online for as long as you like.

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