Dreamcast Manages to Outsell Xbox in Japan

Microsoft might be getting a wave of interest from Western gamers with its first ever video game console, but in Japan it’s a totally different story with SEGA’s discontinued Dreamcast managing to outsell the Xbox! Crikey.

Sadly we can’t really put this down to a sudden late-game burst of Japanese admiration and enthusiasm for SEGA’s final home console, as much as we’d like to. The Dreamcast only sold 3,427 units during the first week of April (1st – 7th). Rather, it’s proof of a more-than-lukewarm reception of Microsoft’s American-made platform, with Xbox selling just 2,179 units in the same period.

Even Sony’s original PlayStation sold more units, with 3,959 purchased during that week. Which is, depressingly, still more than what the Dreamcast managed – but hey, take your wins where you can find them, right?

In comparison, Sony’s PlayStation 2 sold 80,734 units and Nintendo’s Gamecube sold 15,068 units.

Source: Media Create (via Gamers)

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