SAGE 4 Interview: ‘Furry Exodus’ Developer Ryoku Faita

Ryoku Faita leads Team Exodus, and is heading a project Fan Game involving all the members of SFGHQ. Bizarre…

TSS: Ryoku, it’s a pleasure to speak to you today.

RF: Thanks. The pleasure’s mine too.

TSS: For those who do not know, tell us the most you can of Furry Exodus. Can you let slip any special plot info not released yet in the teaser movie?

RF: Furry Exodus is going to be a game with as many SFGHQ furries jam packed into it as we can. The playable characters will be from Team Exodus and we will have cameos and other thing of the SFGHQers. I can’t give you any special info, for it is a secret.

TSS: When did you first get the idea for Furry Exodus?

RF: Well first I was rebuilding Team Exodus. I was just gonna have us redo the recently deceased Sonic Exodus. But I had an idea that a furry game would be really cool! I know it’s been done, but not many have been made as far as I can tell. So I decided to let the SFGHQers decide and they started posting furries right away, and that’s how we got started on Furry Exodus.

TSS: Not only have you gone ahead with the development of a Fan Game involving the ‘crew’ of SFGHQ, but there has been word of another game by you called Project: Blue. Can you explain to The Sonic Stadium a little more on this title?

RF: Project: Blue is an idea I’ve been playing with for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately for SFGHQ, it’s not going to be a Sonic game. It’s going to be a Megaman Battle Network game, but with custom sprites and it will be a side scroller, unlike the normal MMBN.

TSS: Has work on Project: Blue already started or are you waiting to complete Furry Exodus first?

RF: We are still creating the sprites. We will probably have both projects going at the same time.

TSS: What special features are there that make Furry Exodus (and Project: Blue, if you’re willing to unveil any more) different from the other games on show at SAGE?

RF: Well of course P:B is different because it’s not even a Sonic game! LOL…but I don’t know how Furry Exodus will be somewhat unique besides the fact that it is made with the SFGHQers in it.

TSS: How long has development taken so far on Furry Exodus?

RF: We are currently working on the first level, school sucks and it’s slowing us down.

TSS: Can you reveals exclusively to The Sonic Stadium roughly when Furry Exodus will be complete and ready for the world to play it?

RF: Unfortunately we don’t have a specific date, but we hope to release it sometime in Q4 of 2002.

TSS: Any major hitches you have encountered with any of your titles in the making? Spill the guts on your biggest development curse to date. Please?

RF: School. Definately school. It’s brought developement WAY back. Luckily I have Spring Break this March 15-25.

TSS: How well do you think your Fan Games are progressing?

RF: Not so well because, as stated before, school is getting in the way. But education is essential and it must be done. (did I just SAY THAT????)

TSS: How do you guys see your chances winning the booth polling, against other games you’ve seen on SAGE so far?

RF: Since development has slowed, not so good. But we’re crossing our fingers.

TSS: Finally, what’s the most promising looking game you’ve seen so far at SAGE?

RF: I don’t really know. I also don’t want to sound biased. I think they are all entertaining, to say the least.

TSS: Ryoku Faita, head of Team Exodus, thanks a million for your time.

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