SAGE 4: Complete Coverage

The Sonic Amateur Games Expo has hit again, and the shows so big this year, it’s gonna need two parts to this massive News Special! Unfortunately, due to lack of time, the Sonic Stadium did not manage to get through the immense wave of games on show – perhaps a longer show period for September’s show, guys???

Taxman: ‘Retro Sonic’

This excellent looking outing by Taxman is based on another evil scheme by Eggman. The fat one this time has found out how to shape anything he wants by bending the fabric of reality. New levels shown at this years SAGE is Egg Garden, DustHill, and now the new special stage, which has improved since last showing.

Ground textures have been used now instead of vector graphics, which make the whole game look very polished indeed. Dread has played the demo – it kicks. Expect a massive Sonic Fan Games Club special on ALL the games showcased at SAGE, alongside this tasty offering too…

Blazefire productions: multiple projects

This comes as a pleasing surprise from the founder of the original SAGE Expo. Three games are on the go at BlazeFire and they all sound extremely good.

The Darkness 2 is a sequel to The Darkness, obviously. ^_^ Sounds to me like a survival horror outing (I never played The Darkness… but it will soon be reviewed in the Fan Games golden oldies special coming soon) and features loads more baddies and… three levels. Blaze trusts that you’ll be going back to them again and again however, which is a nice thought.

Sonic: The Fated Hour is the game we all saw last year at SAGE – nothing more has been released except for the plot – Tails has been killed in the night, whilst being mistaken for Sonic. Sonic, not too happy, goes out for revenge.

Sonic: Legends is a mix of 12 of the best Sonic levels you, the fans, voted for and loved. Nothing extra on this except for patches being released that will let you play as Knuckles and Tails. Interesting…

Diablohead: ‘Sonic SV2:TT’

Wow! How things have changed since last year! Diablo has now changed the complete engine for Sonic S-V 2 and renamed it Sonic SV 2:TT. Why? Apparently, Diablo says that the extra TT does mean something, although what he’s planning is unknown.

The level is the same as last year (check the Sonic Fan Games page for Sonic S-V 2 last years SAGE Demo!) – Dawn Hill, but this time, the graphic look even better than ever! Mouseart is used instad of simple edited Sonic sprites, which make the game look so much better.

The camera has been improved, Sonic CD style, and the title cards make the game look less ‘Master System’ esque, according to Diablo. Now Sonic can literally do a ‘Jesus’ and run over water, and can hold his breath for a standard 50 seconds. Best watch this game for all it’s worth, it sounds and plays awesomely…

Gameplay: Multiple Projects

Three titles on the go can never be a good thing – the quality between each drop substantially. But Gameplay seem to have things sorted – When Tails Gets Bored 3 is the sequel to 2, obviously. ^_^ Yes, Tails can’t stand Sonic yet again, and this time they plan on meeting Sonic. Oh dear god. Sounds more like a comedy title than anything else, but the gameplay says otherwise.

And, I have just realised that the very same title screen for this Fan Game was shown here – FIRST! It’s true, but you may not have realised it. Check the title screen on the left, and the hoax sent in months ago on the right. It came here first, and very clever ploy it was too, gameplay. Nice one.

Sonic Stash is a very competent puzzle game version of Sonic Adventure. Come again? Yep, check the screens to see. The aim is to direct your character to the goal of the course, using arrow panels, like Chu Chu Rocket!

Beyond Sonic is basically a game starring Knuckles. Which makes sense. The game’s aim is to collect the three Master Emerald pieces in the set levels. It’s actually an idea that works quite well. Gameplay have got a lot on their plate, but their wacky new ideas are different enough to get them notice, and they seem to be coping anyway.

SimSonic: ‘ShenSonic’

ShenSonic sounds like a curious Sonic rip-off of Shenmue, and you’d be right. Exactly the same as the original DC outing, ‘Sonic Hazuki’s life is shattered as a mysterious man in green clothes, ‘Robo Di’ murders his father right in front of him, and with the mysteries surrounding why his father was murdered, Sonic Hazuki goes on an inceredible journey for revenge.

Poulto: ‘Sonic Gamma’

Introducing a new face in SAGE, Poulto the Bat has a unique game titled Sonic Gamma in the works. It sees Sonic facing off with a new, improved Metal Sonic, and Eggman utilising gems called ‘Gamma Emeralds’.

As well as being able to play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, a new character called Rosie is also promised to be playable, with a MegaMan style of gameplay. Should prove different if it doesn’t make the game a bit awkward to play.

It looks fantastic, and although I have my worries about the Mega Man bit, nut I’m hoping when Poulto’s ready that I’ll be eating my words.

Team Exodus: ‘Furry Exodus’

A project that will star the furries of Sonic Fan Games HQ! Not a tall order, by any means, but it should make for looooots of levels, and hopefully Team Exodus are trying to add some comic relief in there. Obviously all the members of TE are gonna be playable it seems.

Nothing to play at SAGE ‘cept for a teaser movie that’s very interesting indeed… It features an unlikely duo named Ryoku and Snet. While fighting evil, a new face appears called Zangus. No more details have been unveiled. Yet…

Shadow Team: ‘Shadow Adventure’

Aptly named game from Shadow Team, this sees Shadow’s own Adventure, with the resurrection of Professor Gerald Robotnik, learning about a counter part to Chaos from Sonic Adventure 1, Destructo. Learning this, Shadow must take Gerald out. A classic twist on a real Sonic/Eggman plot this, and sounds good.

Team Infinity: ‘Shadow Returns’

Wow, Team Infinity is run by none other than Dread’s good pal, Ian Bennett! This game is looking taaaaassstyyyy indeed. The first in hopefully a long running flagship series for Team Infinity, and involves Shadow being revived by Eggman, his memories of all that happened in SA2 erased. Sounds a bit unoriginal, but the game will certainly last you! Dread’s caught a hold of a massive 6 level demo preview, from SAGE, and the results are very nice. Check back soon for a full preview!

MK Games: ‘Big Adventure’

For what serious Sonic Fan Games there are out there, it’s refreshing to see an original and hilarious sounding Fan game at this years SAGE. Using a special ‘Lasso Engine’, Big uses his fishing rod to collect rings and destroy baddies, like…. a lasso..? With a ‘unique’ ranking system which goes (in order) B, W, 6, C, Q because of Big’s lack of knowledge of the alphabet, and a hilarious ‘Like Big’/’Hate Big’ death system, this funny adventure is looking very promising indeed. Look out for the preview soon.

Buzz Bombah Games: ‘Sonic Quest’

This game is interesting, as it has been developed under a different engine and program other than The Games Factory. Still, the demo plays good and sees Sonic running through treetops and bouncing on enemies to reach his goal.

Flaming Cheese: ‘Sonic Vs MegaMan’

Twister, of Flaming Cheese, has unveiled Sonic Vs. MegaMan for the Sega Fan PC. ^_^ It looks like a fighting game, and it most probably is looking at the title, but I have an inkling that it’s kind of Streets Of Rage based. Anyway, time will tell in the Interview with Twister soon.

Team Fusion: ‘Sonic Fusion’

A very promising take on a Sonic 3D game, claiming to be the world’s first Sonic 3D Fan Game, and it’s all done by polygons, so no possible motion sickness warnings from playing it, like Sonic Robo Blast 2’s sprite-based engine. This is a racing game in the very same mould as Sonic R, but is in no way a clone of the game.

Amazingly, it also includes a level editor so you can make your own tracks and extra additions such as weather conditions! The game’s progressing very well, even if the engine is at its most basic stage at the moment. But we got all the time in the world!

GamersMix: ‘Badnik Hunt 2’

A strange one, this. Badnik Hunt 2 stars Shadow it seems, and from what I gather, he’s after Emeralds in the levels, while destroying baddies on the way. The really strange thing though is that Shadow appears to have been shrunk by a ray, ala Sonic in Metallic Madness in Sonic CD. Odd, a preview will arrive soon.

Myst Hedgehog: ‘Sonic Eternal Rings’

Myst takes the helm of a very tasty looking game called Sonic Eternal Rings. The game takes place after Sonic & Knuckles, where Eggman has taken control of the five legendary Eternal Rings. The game plays well, except for the problems with the engine – sometimes it runs a bit ‘jolty’. But hey, it’s a demo, Myst has loadsa time to get that sorted, and from what I’ve played, it’s magic.

Tonic Team: ‘Sonic Force’

No info was revealed other than a demo (which will be playtested throughout the SAGE 2002 previews ‘era’ soon), but if I didn’t know better I’d say this was a cunning mix of Shining Force meets Sonic the Hedgehog. Well, it sounds like it ^_^.

Miles McCloud: ‘Sonic 3 Omega’

Well, there’s something you don’t see everyday. If you’ve played Sonic 3 & Knuckles, you’d be pretty damn familiar with this game, because that’s what it is. Que, you say? Well, Sonic 3 Omega is a romhack of exactly the same game, you’ll find the colour pallete and other significant changes will be present in the ‘game’, along with a new character on the way called Metal Knuckles. Doesn’t sound too appealing, but it is different, and the change of pallete really makes a difference to the level, believe it or not. One unique title to look out for.

ShadowHermit: ‘Sonic Adventure Neo’

Sounds like an inverted version of SA, doesn’t it? Well, breathe, because it’s not, thank god. ^_^ Not much is revealed on the story, but the zones have been unveiled to the world, including Green Meadows, where Tails races in pursuit of Eggman and Sonic, Central Park – a seemingly normal zone, but all is not what it seems… Construction Rig, where Sonic zips to foil Eggman’s scheme sonce more, and other planned zones such as Mining Shaft, Blizzard Path and Forgotten Island. Take a looskie at the shots, they look fantastic!

Master Fang: ‘Sonic Rock 2’

A member of the Exodus Team goes it alone with a new project titled ‘Sonic Rock’. A demo has been unveiled, and M.Fang has announced that Voice acting and mini games will be present. ‘Smooth’, baby. Dread will let you know of any details that leak. Huh huh, leak… *Slap*

Joe Team: Multiple Projects

The first of Joe Team’s games is called Metal Sonic’s Big Adventure. Erm… it is a tentative title, so the name may be changed. The plot is that Eggman needs help guarding his base against Sonic and Tails. Another game demo on SAGE is called Sonic Tricky.

Sonic Team Jr: ‘Sonic Robo Blast 2’

The most loved Fan Game Team makes an imminent appearance at SAGE, with a new Demo patch, and a new look too! The story remains the same, as does the graphics, but the game itself has just been ported over to the new Doom Legacy v1.32. Haven’t a clue what that means, but it’s sure to make the game better! Dread will have an exclusive soon!

Other Appearances

Team 360 had an unfinished page to show, with the title Sonic: Dark Horizon. Sounds almost like a Batman sequel, huh? ^_^ Still, although no pages were actually available at the time apart from the main one, it certainly made its presence felt. Kulock, head of team Moogle Rush also has a booth open, but again not ready, as per usual. How doesn’t that surprise us? 🙂 Funny comics were at hand though to ease the pain, the little Moogle certainly knows how to disctract our attention. Still, maybe Ku’ll be ready before the en of the expo…

Other companies, Arcade, GODS, Team Ryuu and SEGA Platinum were present, but it seems only in spirit – their pages weren’t working when our little negative echidna tried opening the booth. Still, loads time left before SAGE closes… Also, Sonic Verse Team had no real booth ready for the expo, and it seems like it never will be ready for the expo – but, Dread has snapped an exclusive interview with SVT, so you WILL know what they have planned, promise!

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