Phantasy Star Collection Among New List of SEGA Titles Heading to Game Boy Advance

A collection of retro Phantasy Star RPGs will be released on Game Boy Advance next year as part of a new wave of SEGA title hitting Nintendo’s handheld.

The announcement of four new SEGA games – Phantasy Star Collection (as the compilation mentioned above will be called), Crazy Taxi, Super Monkey Ball and Virtua Tennis – follows the recent success of the company’s partnership with THQ to publish GBA titles in the West. The two companies will co-publish 16 titles in all.

According to the press release, here’s some detail on the four newly-revealed games and their tentative launch dates in the US:

VIRTUA TENNIS (working title) — VIRTUA TENNIS (working title) follows the easy-to-play, addictive style of its SEGA Dreamcast(TM) counterpart. The game puts up to four players at the net in Tournament and Exhibition matches or lets Game Boy Advance owners train their own player in World Circuit mode. VIRTUA TENNIS (working title) is scheduled for release in late 2002.

CRAZY TAXI (working title) — CRAZY TAXI (working title) for Game Boy Advance combines the action and arcade style of its Dreamcast predecessors with new locales and exciting mini-games. Players take on the role of a taxi driver and race to make as much money as possible in single or multiplayer games. CRAZY TAXI (working title) is scheduled for release in early 2003.

SUPER MONKEY BALL (working title) — Up to four players control monkeys trapped in translucent spheres in a mix of surreal and silly games in SUPER MONKEY BALL (working title) for Game Boy Advance. Players can try their hands at navigating a series of floor-shifting puzzles or play mini-games where they knock each other off floating platforms or race through mid-air half-pipe courses. SUPER MONKEY BALL (working title) is scheduled to release in early 2003.

PHANTASY STAR COLLECTION (working title) — An RPG gamer’s ultimate dream, PHANTASY STAR COLLECTION (working title) brings together the classic original three Phantasy Star titles in one package. PHANTASY STAR COLLECTION (working title) for Game Boy Advance is scheduled to release in early 2003.

Source: Swirlvision

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