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Sonic has been the star of many official comics in the West, but in Japan you may also see the blue blur pop up in serialised manga strips… some are official, while some may not be quite so official! We’ve learned of a new Japanese strip featuring Sonic that has begun in CoroCoro Comics, and we’ve also got a few sample scans to prove it. Take a look!

The below scans come courtesy of Michael ‘G Silver’ Stearns, who posted on The GHZ before noting that he was only sharing the two pages to avoid being morally corrupt (it’s bad to share entire comics online, kids!). He has, however, also provided a translation of the entire issue so you can understand what the hell is going on down there. Something to do with a bet between Sonic and Eggman over who’s most like a cockroach. Read the translation below.

Dash&Spin! Super-Fast Sonic
Korokoro Comikku February 2002 Special p. 131
Art (and probably story) by Harukaze Santa
Michael Stearns guilty of translation

[Eggman fleeing the police in Egg-Hovercraft]

“I am Doctor Eggman. Hobby: World Conquest.”
“There is only one thing standing in my way, one hedgehog.”

[sonic stands in his way]

“Sonic the Hedgehog!”

“Stop, you damn cockroach!”
“Mu.. H-him…”
“The cockroach is YOU, Sonic!”
“Nitro-Turbo Switch On!! See if you can follow this!”

Sonic: [while keeping up easily]
“We meet again, you old geezer Eggman. (heart)”

Eggman: “Geh! No way!”
Sonic: “You should turn and face forward.”
[Eggman crashes into a wall]
Sonic: “I told you so.”

Eggman: (in tears) “Let me escape, Sonic!”
“The devil made me do it!” (iffy translation)

Sonic: “What are you up to this time?”

Eggman: “I’m kinda robbing a bank…”
“I have no money Sonic!”
“It takes money to take over the world!”
“On top of that, you’re always getting in my way..!!”

Sonic: “That’s you’re own fault.”

[Eggman glues Sonic’s shoes to the pavement]
Eggman: “Gaahahhah!”
“I’ve got you!”
“It’s my Super-Strength Adhesive!”

Sonic: “Ugh, what is this?”
Eggman: “With that, there’s no way you can mo–”

[Sonic lifts his shoes off theground, pulling deep chunks of road up with them]

Eggman [begins escaping on hoverboard]: “Uhii~! No way!”
Sonic: “Wait, you bastard!”
Eggman: “Damn! If that’s how he wants it..”
“length 500 meters, my long-distance-tunnel-shaped trap..”
“nicknamed Sonic Trap!” (translation of “hoi hoi” uncertain ^_^;
[the tunnel floor is more glue and a bomb detonator is at the end]

“If he runs in here, he can’t run anymore!”
“At the end of the tunnel I’ll blow him up!”

Sonic: “nya”
[Sonic jumps and runs along the wall of the tunnel, grabbing Eggman’s money as he runs by]

Eggman: “Unfair, Sonic!”
“Ah, my money…”

Sonic: “The damn cockroach is…”
Eggman: “Ahyaaaa!”
Sonic: “…YOU!”

[Sonic punches Eggman off his board and back into the glue]
Eggman: “I can’t breathe!”
[Sonic spies the detonator and blows up the tunnel]

Narrator: “Hidden under rubble, Dr. Eggman’s ambition was easily destroyed.”
“Or so it looked!”

Eggman: “SONIC~!!”
[bursts forth from the rubble]
Sonic: “Just like a roach, he won’t die easily. (heart)”

Eggman: “No matter how many times you say otherwise, you are the roach, Sonic!”
“This time I will make you recognize it!”
Sonic: “You still have something left?”

Eggman: “Behold! My custom-built surprising-genius-mecha!”
“Cockroach-killer Pro! Gokkiroach-kun!” (gokkirouchi is a combination of english roach and japanese gokiburi)
“Yoush! Hit the roach with the poisonous spray!”

[it hits eggman]

“Not me, that way, THAT WAY!”

Gokkiroach-kun: [slapping at Eggman w/giant slipper] “the finishing blow.. Die!!”
Eggman: “Gyaaaah! I said NOT me!”
Gokkiroach-kun: “Kill.. Cockroaches…”
Eggman: “Waaah! It’s gone out of control!”
“Save us Sonic! It’s using it’s special sure-kill technique, what can we do?!”

Sonic: “It’s only aiming at you..”
“alright, leave it to me Eggman.”
“Give me your hand.”
“Sonic & Meat Bullet Sault~!” (as in somersault)

[Eggman is hurled into gokkiroach, causing it to explode violently, Eggman is charred all black]

Eggman: “too cruel!”
Sonic: “Solid black.”
“After all that, you ARE the cockroach.”

Next episode in April Issue.

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