Exclusive 10th Anniversary Merchandise Available at Sonic Team Store

Sonic Team has just opened up their ‘Sonic Factory’ store online, and revealed the first exclusive set of products to be sold from the outlet; a statue, a silver ring and a crystal cube with a wireframe model of Sonic etched inside. These classy items aren’t your usual Sonic action figures. Read on for more details and pictures!

Sonic Silver Ring

The first item on the production line is the Sonic Silver Ring. It’s a rather spiky little pieces of jewellery that fits on your index finger, designed in the shape of Sonic’s head. The ring itself had to be specially modelled, simply because of Sonic’s spines and his nose. It comes with a 10th Anniversary-branded box and inlay, and can be purchased in three sizes: ‘S 14’ (about 16mm), ‘M 17’ (about 18mm) and ‘L 21’ (about 19mm).

Only 500 Sonic Silver Rings will be made. It will be available to buy on November 8, 2001 for 15,000 Yen (around £86 / $125). Pre-order here.

Sonic Statue

This cool looking number is a limited edition statue, the first time that such a piece of merchandise has been created for Sonic the Hedgehog. Created from ‘poly-stone, hard material that is similar to pottery’, this is quite a weighty item at 1410g (1000g for the 10th Anniversary-branded base, 410g for the figure itself) and with a height of 210mm.

The statue will come in the box shown above, which will have the dimensions of H 30cm x W 20cm x D 20cm. 500 pieces are being produced and sold, and will release on November 15, 2001 for 12,000 Yen (around £68 / $100). Pre-order here.

Sonic Crystal Cube

Possibly the most striking item of merchandise of the lot is this crystal cube, with a Sonic wireframe model etched within it. Designed and etched using the latest computer technology, this is being described on the Sonic Team website as a new version of the old pirate ship in the bottle (in the ‘how did they get that in there’ sense, I imagine).

It’s not very big at all, sizing up at H 80mm x W 50mm x D 50mm, but it’s certainly one of the most impressive-looking pieces of merchandise I’ve ever seen for a Sonic product. Like the other two items, this will be limited to 500 pieces, and will be sold on February 14, 2002 for 8,000 Yen (around £46 / $67). Pre-order here.

You can learn more about each item on the official Sonic Factory website here.

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