Stick with Ninty for Sonic Team! Confused?

Probably. But those of us that have a Sega Dreamcast, like me, are likely thinking about what console to get next. Seeings as Sega is currently not making any more consoles, the sensible option would be to grab the machine that has the most Sega support going for it. Well, at this stage it’s hard to tell, but in an interview led by IGN, Yuji Naka, Sonic Team boss (and God in many people’s eyes), has said to stick with the Nintendo GameCube should you be a full on fan of Sonic Team.

“Well, I can’t make a huge generalization for all SEGA fans, but maybe if you’re a Sonic Team fan, my recommendation is to buy a GameCube,” he said. “That’s a very difficult, but good question.”

There’s still a while before the Dreamcast kicks it – and with different Sega departments making games for different consoles (SmileBit are currently developing Jet Set Radio Future, but only for Xbox), things seem quite fragmented right now. But it seems that if you savour that Sonic Team flavour, bag a GameCube when your DC runs outta life.

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