Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: Unforgettable Moments

Ah, the joys of playing Sonic the Hedgehog. Doesn’t matter if it was on Master System, Mega Drive, NGPC, Dreamcast or any other Sega console in the past, it’s always been a wonderful time. The marvellous adventures that loyal Sonic fans have had playing through the Sonic Adventure 2 Demo; finally getting to the climax of Sonic 3 & Knuckles… Playing Sonic has brought nothing but fond memories for the casual, or even Sonic-fanatic, gamer.
It’s not just games either. Their first Sonic cuddly toy may be the moment some people treasure, who knows? But, everyone who’s played a Sonic game, or had purchased some kind of Sonic merchandise, must have had at least ONE memorable moment that’s stuck with them until this very day.

This is where this section comes in – you, the Sonic fan, can truly express your most special Sonic moments, be it from the many Sonic games in the past, or any Sonic merchandise that’s had an effect on you. Anything ‘Sonic’ at all, that’s made you feel the most happy. Send it in to Dreadknux! I’ll put them up in this special page dedicated to Sonic fan recognition. Do it for the Fans!

Dreadknux’s Top Five Sonic moments!

Photo courtesy SEGA Retro

1: The Sega Tour Bus
It was the year of 1994, and for a few months monthly mag GamesMaster kept raving about the special Video Games Expo in London. These magazines included offers on tickets to actually be at that Expo! I forced my dad to cough up for the tickets, and we went – it was in the Summer and boiling hot.

I wasn’t really interested in much of the other game companies’ work – more excited about the latest Sega and Mega Drive games (I had bought a Mega Drive a few years before then). That was when I saw it… The Sega Tour Bus! It was a double-decker bus painted with Sega logos and all sorts of cool stuff. Ironically, this was the London Expo that showcased the fabulous Sonic & Knuckles.

“^________^” went me. Walking inside the bus was not your average trip to the next town and back. No, the bottom floor was filled with booths of Mega Drives playing Dynamite Headdy (I was one of the first to play that too), Ristar, and Sonic Triple Trouble on Game Gear (what a lucky sod I was).

A competition was forming upstairs in the bus, to see who could get the highest score on Sonic & Knuckles. Of course I jumped at the chance. Didn’t come first, but what the hell! Got a bunch of Sega goodies, played the legendary S&K on Mega Drive, Ristar, Dynamite Headdy and Triple Trouble BEFORE the rest of the gaming public, and I had an awesome time. I was pleased.

Photo courtesy Retro Treasures

2: The Sega Master System
Ah, childhood memories… This was the first video games console I ever bought, and thankfully, it was a Sega console. I bought this when I was only seven years old (‘aww’ I hear you say… shut up) and actually mistook it for a Mega Drive! Yes, I had seen Sonic in the Argos catalogues and wanted a Mega Drive so badly, so I saved up around £40 (even though the MD was about £120 at the time), thinking I had enough money.

I went with my parents to buy the Mega Drive. When I got to the counter of the shop I screamed that I wanted ‘A Sega!’ Looking at the money I had, the assistant handed me a Master System, that I could afford. He asked me if this is what I wanted. I somehow had the feeling this wasn’t the console I really wanted, but I saw the Sonic picture on the box (it had Sonic 1 built in), and of course I caved and bought it. I played nothing but Sonic all month. That was the first taste of Sonic gaming, and Sonic in general, that put me on the path to becoming a full-blown fan.

3: Sonic The Comic
This, along with the many Sonic games I bought, must have been one of the biggest Sonic influences on me. The many stories that Sonic had in this series were simply incredible, especially the arcs based on the video games. And I don’t care what people say, the UK STC was way better than the US Archie Comics. For one, STC had Amy and not Sally (annoying Sally! >_<), and was not hell bent on promoting the TV SatAM Series, although the cartoon was very good. My most hated character in STC though? Cybernik. Oh why oh why oh why create Cybernik? Why oh why oh why…..

4: Sonic & Knuckles
The sheer genius of this cartridge. Sega could not have amazed more people with this. The lock-on cartridge technology was a first (Action Replays don’t count), it allowed backwards compatibility of all previous Sonic games, breathing new life into them. The game that the backwards compatability most did justice to was Sonic 3, the game it was meant to be with in the first place. And a great memory was getting that lock-on cartridge and playing it with all my past Sonic games, especially Sonic 3. I’m putting this above Sonic Adventure primarily because this was the highlight of the Sega Tour Bus (See No. 1).

5: Sonic Adventure
In no ways am I putting this last because I think it’s not good. Far from it – this has to be the game that must have truly got Sonic fans believing again. This game came fifth out of the many Sonic experiences I’ve had, and that is bloody good, especially seeings what is at Number 1. After the poor times that were the Sega Saturn, Sonic came back, alive and kicking.

This game was something special to me, and many other Sonic fans, because of the great leap from 2D Sonic fun to 3D ‘oh-my-god-I’m-going-at-about-200mph-I’d-reckon’ death defying speeds and drops, and gorgeous graphics to kick the arse off any PlayStation title (and PlayStation 2 too). SA2 WILL be its successor, but this was the game that started it all off.

Have YOU got any past Sonic memories that just won’t flush? In any case, would you wanna flush them? Either way, tell Dreadknux your most memorable moments of Sonic the Hedgehog. This is a memorabilia page for the fans, so come on! Send your Special Sonic moments below!

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