Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: The Ten Year History!

The year where Sonic made a dramatic comeback. And what a happy occasion it was. On October 1999, Dreamcast was launched in the UK, with many scrambling to buy the luscious console, each cheerily handing over £200 for a platform with great potential. Sonic Adventure was released on the same night. All of us who had fond memories of Sonic in his heyday felt emotional over the return of everyone’s favourite hedgehog. So, Sonic Adventure sold out almost as fast as the blue one himself! Sega was happy, they had a headstart on Sony and the PS2…

1999: Sonic’s Comeback

January 3rd: Sonic Underground (France)

Created once again by DiC, With 40 episodes, Sonic Underground carried a strange storyline about Sonic and his siblings trying to get back together with their lost mother. While they spoiled Dr. Robotnik’s plans along the way, naturally.

September 9th: Sonic Adventure (USA)

Released with the launch of the Sega Dreamcast. This was the title that brought many childhood fans back again. If you have never heard or played Sonic Adventure, please do yourself a favour and play it now. Sonic and friends have been given a complete makeover, and they look ten times cooler than anything out there!

Everyone across the whole world must have at least heard of this game, and what a belter of a game it is and all! Six characters to choose from, with each characters’ story intertwining with all the others to form a giant storyline. Graphics so good they make you cry, the cool addition of the Chao A-Life system and action so good you drool without noticing, this is THE Game of 1999, and will be remembered forever.

October: Sega Dreamcast Commercial (USA)

Dreamcast advertisement #1 with a Sonic appearance: “Day Dream”. Aired on US TV from SEGA of America, it features Gary Payton of the Seattle Supersonics rapping with Taka, a character from the well-known “Virtua Fighter” series. It also features Sonic the Hedgehog as a DJ mixing for more than 40 other characters on the dance floor. As Sonic remembers his adventures in Speed Highway, he gets outta control on the turntables and Tails can’t keep up with the beat and falls off the table he was sitting on. Gary tells him to “stay off the light speed.” Sonic replies: “My bad”.

October: Sega Dreamcast Commercial 2 (USA)

Dreamcast advertisement #2 with a Sonic appearance: “Opening Day”. Aired on US TV from SEGA of America, it introduces the immense living and conspiring world inside the Sega Dreamcast console and features more than 40 game characters including an animated Brian Grant of the Portland Trailblazers. Naturally. Sonic is running and jumping at the beginning. Taka from Virtua Fighter Says: “Sit down, rodent!” Tails talks to Brian Grant. Tails says: “Brian, you’re gonna get whooped”. Brian retorts with: “Shut up, quadruped!” What a witty man.

December 3rd: Sonic Pocket Adventure (USA)

Although not created by Sonic Team, this was Sonic’s first outing on a console (or in this case handheld) other than Sega’s own. This was Sonic 2, but the graphics were not as good. But there was plenty of action, and many differences and additions to the game too. Ironically, soon after sales of Sonic Pocket Adventure died down, the Neo Geo Pocket Color flumped in the West.

December 22nd: Rosie O’Donnell Appearance (USA)

Yay, another Sonic the Hedgehog appearance! This time its some silly dude in a (frankly, scary) Sonic outfit, prancing about in an American TV programme called the Rosie O’ Donnell Show. In this episode, the presenter (Rosie) gave away Dreamcasts to the audience members.

International / Other Releases

  • January 20th: Sonic Adventure Soundtrack (Japan)
  • August 30th: Sonic Underground Begins USA Syndication
  • September 7th: Sonic The Movie (aka Sonic OVA – Europe)
  • October 14th: Sonic Adventure International (Japan)
  • October 14th: Sonic 3D Flickies’ Island (Saturn – Japan)
  • October 14th: Sonic Adventure (Europe)
  • October 18th: Sonic Adventure (Benelux)

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