Sonic’s 10th Anniversary: The Ten Year History!

Well, this year wasn’t exactly the best for Sonic, things started to grind to a halt as people were getting older and less interested. Sega did not lose faith though, and brought out games for the Game Gear, but no Mega Drive games as many owners were hoping, as the Mega Drive was giving way to more powerful consoles.

1995: The Year of the Game Gear

March 17th: Sonic Drift 2 (Japan)

The sequel to Sonic Drift made it over here in the UK, and in the States, but it didn’t seem to do any good as people just had little interest in the Game Gear anymore. It’s a shame that, because it was a brilliant game.

March 20th: Knuckles’ Chaotix (USA)

Knuckles’ Chaotix was yet another break from the norm – so much so that Sonic doesn’t even get the starring role! Based off of a prototype game called Sonic Crackers, Chaotix features two characters binded with a link ring, and the whole thing works like elastic. Hours of fun with two players, a tad annoying on your own with the computer.

April 28th: Tails Sky Patrol (Japan)

The first Tails game was very successful, but the second one wasn’t that good in my opinion. It was only released in Japan, which may have been a good thing, it wouldn’t have sold very well over here. It involved Tails flying to the exit. But it wasn’t that simple. Many obstacles are planted to stop you, and if you touch a wall floor or surface, you die. o_O

September 22nd: Tails Adventure (Japan)

When Sonic didn’t cut it, games moved onto Tails. Fortunately, this game was very popular indeed, and once again was very different to the normal platforming outings that Sonic usually had. This was a mix between platform and RPG style gaming, and worked extremely well.

October: Sonic Labyrinth (Europe)

Sonic changed his platforming tune yet again, as Sega brought out new and innovative Sonic game genres. This time, a puzzle game involving finding keys to reach the exit within the time limit.

December: Simpsons Appearance (USA)

Sonic makes an appearance in The Simpsons, the episode was called “Marge Be Not Proud”, and is episode number 3F07. Bart was thinking whether or not to shoplift a video game. Then out of a Mario game, a small Mario jumped out and told him to take it, then a Luigi came out and said to take it, then a Sonic ran by quickly and said “Just take it! Take it take it take it take it take it! TAKE IT!” (Sonic is on the right-side of the pic).

International / Other Releases

  • March 24th: Sonic Drift Racing (aka Sonic Drift 2 – Europe)
  • April 21st: Chaotix (aka Knuckles’ Chaotix – Japan)
  • May 12th: Knuckles’ Chaotix (Europe)
  • July: Sonic Compilation (Europe)
  • August: Sonic 1 re-released in ‘Sega Classics’ (USA)
  • September: Tails Adventure (Europe)
  • October: Sonic 2-in-1 (Europe)
  • November 17th: Sonic Labyrinth (Japan)
  • November: Sonic Labyrinth (USA)
  • November: Sonic Drift Racing (aka Sonic Drift 2 – USA)
  • November: Tails Adventure (USA)

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