SA2 Will Feature Tails, Rivalries, Three Different Kinds of Play

More Sonic Adventure 2 news is coming in thick and fast! This time around, we’ve learned some juicy gameplay details. It seems that Tails will be playable in the game after all, with the character roster split into ‘Hero’ and ‘Dark’ sidesĀ (Sonic, Knuckles and Tails will be Hero, Shadow, Rouge and Eggman will be Dark).

As the trailers have suggested, the game’s story will be centered on the concept of ‘rivalries’, coming in two parts. IGN, which references Japanese magazine Dreamcast Station, speculates that this could mean a ‘Hero’ chapter where you play as the good guys and a ‘Dark’ chapter where you play the same story from the viewpoint of the baddies.

IGN adds the following:

For Sonic (and possibly Shadow), the game will be best described as a 3D Action title. For Knuckles (and possibly Rouge), the game will be best described as a Rare game – err, I mean – a Treasure Hunting title. For Tails and Robotnik, the game will be best described as an Action Shooter.

Apparently, even the Chao-raising will have Hero/Dark elements to it. A two-player mode is also revealed, although what form that might take is as yet unknown.

Source: IGN

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