Sega Officially Confirms Microsoft Xbox Release Slate

Looks like the rumours were true – SEGA has formally announced this week that they will be bringing eleven titles to Microsoft’s Xbox. They revealed four such titles during this announcement, which involve sequels to some classic SEGA properties. Looks like anyone who’s after a new Jet Set Radio might have to look at getting a new console!

The four games are: Gunvalkyrie, a shooter that was originally planned as a Dreamcast title; Jet Set Radio Future, a sequel to the cel-shaded spraypainting action game on SEGA’s final console; a new entry in the classic Panzer Dragoon series and SEGA GT 2, which Microsoft will clearly be promoting as a competitor to Sony’s Gran Turismo.

Sega America’s president Peter Moore said, “We believe that Microsoft will be very successful with Xbox. Our world-renowned development studios have been very impressed with the Xbox hardware and they are excited to bring new gaming experiences to consumers by utilizing the platform’s power. We will work with them to deliver the best content possible to gamers.”

No word of any Sonic titles here. There’s a big chance that we may see the blue blur head to Nintendo along with Sonic Team. But, never say never, right? We’ll keep you updated.

Source: IGN

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