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Sonic World League

This page was originally published in 2001, and was not updated past its initial launch. The information here is for posterity only and is out of date. Obviously, we’re not accepting entries for this long-dead contest.

Welcome to the Sonic World League. This is the place where you show your brute strength at playing Sonic games, and prove your might to the rest of the Sonic games-playing world. A new league will appear each month or so, depending on how well the current league is doing.

The Rules

So what do you do? Well, you look at the League Brief below, this’ll tell you what you have to do. Then, collect the necessary Emus and Roms that the Brief specifies. When you fulfil the task, and you think it’s good enough for the League, take a snapshot of your current position, and then e-mail the snapshot to Dreadknux. Unfortunately for the League I can only accept entries via e-mail.

Yours truly, Dreadknux, will be refereeing each league, and just to let you know, I’m not thick as a brick, so don’t bother cheating your way to an amazing high-score, and I can also tell if snapshots have been played with to give them the edge. None of this cheating lark will be allowed, and I won’t put you up in the league. But to tell the truth TRUE Sonic fans wouldn’t cheat their way to glory anyway, so if you do cheat, you’re not really a Sonic fan, are you?

All that cheating crap aside, just try your best and who knows, you may be standing at the top of the League table. Beware though, although you may be at the top one month, someone can easily slip in a higher score, so practice is the best tactic here, even if you’ve made it to the top.

This Month’s Challenge (June 2001)

Sonic the Hedgehog!

Brief: Since this is the first League Challenge, I’ve set you a relatively easy task. Just play through the FIRST FOUR ACTS of Sonic 1 on the Master System OR Game Gear. PLAY UP TO THE END OF BRIDGE ZONE ACT ONE! Your task then is to obtain the highest score after the first four acts. Obviously the higher your score, the higher up the League table you go.

Entry Requirements: A snapshot of your score total at the end of Act 1 of Bridge Zone. You must have BOTH Chaos Emeralds in Green Hill and Bridge Act 1 at the bottom of the score screen to qualify.

Emus/ROMS needed: At the ROMS/Emus Page, you’ll need Meka, and a copy of Sonic 1 on either Master System or Game Gear. Follow the links to Sonic Roms.Org

Tips: To help gain a meaty high score in each act, try (i) getting a fast time (ii) getting a ton of rings (iii) destroying a bunch of enemies. Should you come to a Special Stage during your task, take your time. As long as you finish the stage, you are free to collect all the rings you can for a big bonus. You get no time bonus in the Special Stage.


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