2” Sonic Figures Spotted In The Wild & Online

2” Sonic Figures Spotted In The Wild & Online

First4Figures continue their onslaught of classic Sonic merchandise releasing three tiny figures standing just two inches high. This most recent batch includes Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in pre Sonic Adventure style. SSMB forum member and classic ‘gent’ Casanova has spotted a batch of the figures released into the wild, or more specifically his local Gamestation.

For all you super high-tech kids who think that physically going into a shop to buy things is thoroughly old fashioned you’ll be happy to know you can also buy the same figures right now from Play.com and have them delivered to your door. Postage is free but the catch is you’ll have to wait a number of days for them to arrive.

Whichever method you choose the figures will set you back £3.99 each. Check out some pictures below but for close up pack shots have a look in the SSMB as Casanova has provided them there.

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  1. Just to add something if you want them.

    The only reason I found them is because I spotted a guy trying to find space for them, after I returned to the store they were not out in the shop.

    If you don’t spot any in the shop, go to the counter and ask, they may have them in the back as they’ve only just been dispatched according to the guy in the store I went to.

  2. Omg
    i would of died for these when i was about 5

    Hell i would still love to get my hands on these…

  3. They’re nice, but I’d still prefer some contemporary stuff. Despite having got into the series in the early 90s, I actually do prefer the current character designs by a wide margin. But you just can’t get any green-eyed Sonic merch in the UK.

  4. a bit pricy for such small figures, but they look like they could be proportionate to the Mario banpresto figurines, so I’m sold.

  5. I first saw these figures in Gamestations mini Christmas catologue a few weeks back, but everytime I took a look in my local Gamestation, these figures where nowhere to be seen =(

  6. I now have these figures….. I have left them in the packaging but, if a little kid buys them then I think it would break since they don’t look too solid….

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