Silver Fights Omochao for Blaze Partnership in Latest Sonic Channel Poll

Sonic Channel has launched the latest poll for its Sonic Calendar 2023 art series, and this time fans are being asked whether they would like to see Blaze the Cat partnered with Silver the Hedgehog or… Omochao.

The poll is open until Friday 7th July, so if you want your voice heard hit the Google poll and make a choice. Whoever wins will feature in a special Calendar artwork for August 2023, matching the special theme of “Isekai Ohgiri” (which is a ‘fantasy scenario’ series that puts Sonic characters in new and interesting situations).

Blaze and Silver, of course, have already featured in official fantasy art pieces in previous months, but we suspect that the legion of “Blaze x Silver” (Silaze? Blilver? What do you call it?) subfans out there will make it their lifelong mission to game the results so their favourite ship can get together. We voted for Omochao, pretty much to just piss Twitter off.

Best of luck to both not-real cartoon candidates!

Via Twitter

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