Whitehead and Headcannon Not Involved with Sonic Superstars, But Were Once in Talks for Next 2D Sonic

Though Takashi Iizuka focused on who IS making Sonic Superstars in a recent interview with VGC, he also discussed two notable groups who aren’t involved: Christian Whitehead and Headcannon, the developers behind 2017’s Sonic Mania… though not for a lack of trying.

When we were making Sonic Mania and the game was finished and Chris was done, we had a conversation with Chris and the team about what the next 2D game we make should be […] We had some concepts and ideas laid out between the teams, but we couldn’t kick off the project. And so it disappeared for a while with Chris and the team.

Takashi Iizuka, VGC Interview

Iizuka doesn’t specify what challenges halted the conceptual next 2D entry from Whitehead and Headcannon; however, Sonic Team would continue to work with Headcannon on a Retro Engine remake of Sonic 3 & Knuckles for Sonic Origins and further content for the upcoming Plus expansion.

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