Pre-Order Sonic Superstars to Get an Acrylic Standee and to Fight… LEGO Eggman?

Building bonuses.

Publishers often look for special bonuses to encourage pre-orders, but SEGA have certainly… crafted an odd package. Per a U.S. pre-order listing at Best Buy (page was previously available while researching this story, but became unavailable after publishing), if you pre-order a physical copy of Sonic Superstars for any platform, you’ll also get a reversible cover, a 3D acrylic standee of the game’s box art, and LEGO Eggman.

–Oh, wait, I’m sorry, no, a skin for Dr. Eggman in-game of the LEGO Eggman minifig from the upcoming LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog sets. Presumably so you can fight a LEGO version of him? It’s unclear right now what this skin applies to, whether it replaces Dr. Eggman in boss fights, or if Dr. Eggman himself is somehow playable in the game.

Though this comes across as a very weird inclusion, it speaks to the ways that SEGA and LEGO are collaborating for August’s LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog launch. Given that LEGO has already teased an announcement during tomorrow’s Sonic Central, it’s possible this could be officially revealed then.

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