A Wild Sonic Superstars Trailer Has Appeared In Today’s Nintendo Direct

Nintendo held a Direct today, but you probably already knew that. However, you may be surprised to learn that a new trailer for Sonic Superstars appeared in the presentation. You may be even happier to learn that this trailer contained some new information about the game, and showcased some new gameplay!

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So, where to start? Well, the first thing you probably noticed is the music playing. It is more than likely music from the game, which means that we finally got an idea of what the game’s soundtrack may be aiming for. And the music is actually really good. If this is what the music is for the rest of the game’s soundtrack, then I don’t think fans will have to worry about them taking a musical route similar to Sonic 4’s. There’s a new render too, potentially the game’s box art, which you can see right here.

Other than that, there were a lot of small tidbits throughout the trailer, including some things that you’d miss if you blinked. We got to see a pinball area for some carnival zone that hadn’t been shown before. Fang appears in the background of some cutscene, and we get to see that we will be fighting him as a boss.

SEGA showed a new emerald power, which seems to function similar to the Sunglasses and Treasure Scope that Knuckles and Rouge get in Sonic Adventure 2, respectively. It causes hidden things to become visible, including platforms and rings. And speaking of the emeralds, we actually got our first look at how the Chaos Emeralds look in this game. Well, one of them, anyway.

We even learned that Tails can carry Sonic and friends, just like he could in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Mania. Perhaps the biggest piece of info we learned from the trailer, however, is the news that there will be a total of 12 new zones in the game. It’s more than some fans were speculating, and it was a big factor in how justified some people felt the $60 price would be.

We’re still hearing a fall release date, but there was a Sonic Central announced for Friday. It’s doubtful that there will be any further information about the game, but clearly SEGA has more Sonic news to share. Whether we’ll get more Sonic Superstars info there is another matter entirely. In the meantime, check out the trailer down below!

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