SEGA America President Responds to ‘AEGIS’ Union

SEGA of America president and COO Ian Curran has published an initial reaction to the recent forming of worker’s union ‘Allied Employees Guild Improving SEGA’ in the form of a letter to employees of the entire regional operation.

While a formal corporate response is still forthcoming, Curran’s words in the letter could be interpreted as positive. The exec stated that “Union matters are new to me and SOA and we are investigating and considering the options available to the company” – however, he later made clear that “No SOA employee will be treated any differently whether they support or do not support unionization.”

The letter, published by Axios journalist Stephen Totilo on social media, added: “Some of you may support unionization and some not. That is your legal right… We have a wonderful culture at SOA with a strong commitment to working together as a team. In my mind, it is the SOA employee culture that makes us such a successful company.”

Next steps, as Curran is said to understand it, is for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to conduct a secret ballot of employees – in job positions selected by the NLRB – to determine if unionization will go ahead in a special vote.

Meanwhile, the AEGIS Union has been gaining support on social media from fellow union organisations and regional political figures. More on this story as it happens.

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