Where Does Sonic Live? The Sonic Multiverse? TailsTube Returns for More Lore

Every hedgehog everywhere all at once.

Sonic YouTube’s official lore-dump series continues with yet another entry as Tails and Amy explore the yet more corners of how Sonic’s world functions. The video is linked below, but jump farther down for the summary:

After a brief intro, the duo reminisces about their Sonic adventures, old foes, and Amy’s brief origin (per Origins), but quickly get to business. When asked where Sonic lives, both confirm that Sonic… doesn’t really have a home. He travels, camps, and mooches off of his young friend, stowing his plane and raiding the fridge.

Following this, Knuckles and his good friend Knuckles ask about the nature of multiple Sonics and yet further Sonics beyond. Referencing back to Generations, Amy confirms that Classic Sonic (whom she calls “Classic Sonic”) is indeed Sonic’s younger self from the past. Meanwhile, Tails speculates that, in other universes, there could potentially be any number and variations of Sonics, such as one that wears lots of athletic tape, or one in a rock band. (One must assume there’s a Sonic out there that talks like that one character from Parks & Recreation.)

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a TailsTube without a moment of “Is this a quick gag or an actual tease for something?” Throughout the video, Tails’ desktop has a “Lego Ideas” folder. Is it teasing the rumored upcoming sets? is it referencing 2022’s LEGO Ideas Green Hill Zone set? Is it just a throwaway gag? Is it related to that woman who appeared in the first one that we still know nothing about? Are we waiting for yet another #KnowingSmile? Is this a dense tapestry of deceit and misdirection with the single-minded goal to thoroughly complicate the lives of those documenting the canon of the series? IS THE LEGO DIMENSIONS MULTIVERSE ONE OF THE SHATTER SPACES WITHIN SONIC PRIME!?!

Probably not, but at least we know that LEGO the brand exists in Sonic’s world, and that Cindy Robinson can perfectly replicate a Knuckles voice.

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