Sonic Channel Reveals First Ever 2D Visual of Elise With New Calendar Artwork

The ‘Queen of Ice’ gets a skating lesson from Silver.

The fans have spoken! For the latest Sonic Calendar 2023 monthly artwork, the official Sonic Channel portal has drawn up a charming scenario featuring Silver the Hedgehog and Elise. It’s the first time that Elise has been presented in a 2D art style, and she just looks absolutely adorable!

The piece is the latest in Sonic Channel’s “Isekai Ohgiri” series that pairs up Sonic characters and re-imagines them in unique fantasy scenes. Earlier this month, a poll asked fans whether they would like to see Silver team up with Elise or Merlina from Sonic and the Black Knight – the Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 character won the poll with 50.7% of the vote.

As you can see, the ‘sporty’ event teased was a majestic ice-skating session around the land of Soleanna – with Elise in the role of “Queen of Ice” and Silver dubbed “a genius skating coach from the future”. You can read the backstory to this fantasy scenario on Sonic Channel’s website here.

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