SEGA Loot-Shooter Hyenas Introduces A Sonic-Cosplaying Character

Shoot Shoot Sonic Warrior!

If you’re looking for a Sonical reason to play SEGA’s latest FPS loot-shooter, Hyenas, then you might be in luck as the game’s developer Creative Assembly has revealed a brand new character who looks very familiar…

The new character’s name is Hero-Ki, and has the ability to focus on an enemy target and assume their likeness using some nifty modified camera tech. ‘Cosplay’ is this character’s main angle, and when he’s not disguising himself as someone else, he is casually dressed up as Sonic the Hedgehog – green eyes and all!

According to an official statement released by Creative Assembly about this character’s backstory, “Hero-Ki was a minor celebrity back on Earth thanks to his cosplay and charity work but after being evacuated to The Taint, he’s had to turn those same skills towards more nefarious pursuits.”

The, er, ‘Taint’ is the creative name for the game’s location – a wasteland arena full of ‘junk’ that players must explore and loot in order to score points. Hyenas’ story is rather light-hearted, as you can imagine.

Hero-Ki comes complete with dangly Amy Rose, Knuckles and Tails keychains and a whole bunch of other Sonic-isms – including almost-but-not-quite quoting and sounding like the blue blur himself. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Hyenas is taking signups for an alpha release on PC, which you can register for on its website. The game is also targeting a release on Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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