First 4 Figures Shows Concept Art of Rouge Statue to Gauge Interest

Wait, is she standing on Omega in that second one?

First 4 Figures, makers of very fancy and very pricey pop culture statuettes is once again considering expanding the Sonic line with yet another character not currently in their roster. On their news blog, First 4 shared several pieces of concept art for a Rouge figure, with several different poses and stands.

The poses show inspiration from a variety of official character art and cutscene moments, many holding the dark blue emerald from her Sonic Adventure 2 Dark Story introduction cutscene. The bases range from ruins to high tech to… standing on Omega’s smushed torso?

Rouge doesn’t appear often in official merch (an issue that seems to impact much of the female cast); however, her overall notoriety has gotten a boost thanks to her solid portrayal as resistance leader in Sonic Prime. If she ultimately hits the First 4 lineup, let’s hope it’s a design that reflects the complexities of her character and not simply a focus on her prominent assets.

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