Sonic Game Speedruns Are Making A Return To Awesome Games Done Quick

Every summer and winter, Games Done Quick holds a week-long event of video game speedruns, races and bidwars to raise money for a good cause. The winter version, Awesome Games Done Quick, has just begun today, and for Sonic fans, there’s some games scheduled later this week!

Of course, Sonic being at a Games Done Quick charity event isn’t unusual. In fact, it would be more surprising of Sonic wasn’t there. Not only will Sonic be there, but there’s actually 4 games currently scheduled at the event. Out of those games, 3 of them will be played back-to-back-to-back.

On Wednesday, at 3:10pm Eastern/8:10pm UK time, Speck will be doing an All Day Stages run of Sonic Unleashed on the Wii. Once that’s done, thebluemania, Subbaro and Nyu will be racing each other on the PC in Sonic Colors Ultimate’s Egg Shuttle. Lastly, the block ends with Kirbymastah playing Sonic Advance 2. However, the character of choice for the run is entirely up to the results of a bidwar. Whoever has received the most donations by the time the run begins will be the character picked.

The Sonic block will end after that, but that doesn’t mean the Sonic games are done overall. One day later, on Thursday morning at 6:21am Eastern/11:21am UK, Hibnotix and S-TWO will be doing a “beat the game” Sonic Vs. Knuckles race in Sonic Blast on the Game Gear.

It is worth noting that the times are heavily dependent on the setup times that happen in-between each run, as well as how long it takes for each run to be completed. So, there’s a small possibility that, by the time that each Sonic game run begins, it could be ahead or behind schedule. Nevertheless, the estimated times tend to be very reliable, so if you plan to tune in, make sure you keep those times in mind!

Via Games Done Quick Website

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