Sonic 2 Movie Vinyl Goes On Sale With Exclusive Colour and Test Pressings

It only feels like last year that the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie graced our cinemas (editor’s note: it was last year!), but the long-awaited vinyl release of the Hollywood sequel’s soundtrack has finally gone on sale. And record label Enjoy the Ride has launched with several colourful pressings as well as a limited test pressing.

Each record will come with two vinyls featuring 22 tracks from the original movie soundtrack, as composed by Tom ‘JunkieXL’ Holkenborg. The regular retail version comes with a Sonic Blue/Robotnik Red pressing for Side A/B, and a Knuckles Red/Tails Orange pressing for Side C/D.

If you fancy something a little more colourful, you can also opt for a ‘spin dash’ variant pressing which features blue and red splashes, or a Super Sonic/Green Emerald variant which offers some rather tropical effects. Each record variant will set you back $34.99 USD – you can pick a copy up on the Enjoy the Ride Records website.

The record label also offered an exclusive ‘Test Pressing’ bundle (illustrated above), which included every variant mentioned above as well as a special fourth copy made especially for test purposes. Only 24 bundles were made available, and sadly they are all sold out now. Fingers crossed there may be some more hidden in the warehouse in the coming days.

You can see some lovely images of the vinyl releases in the gallery above. Get yourself a copy before they all go away! We’ve included the track list below, in case you’re curious too.

Side A
Piece of Shiitake Planet
Blue Menace
Mind If I Drive
Sonic’s Home
A Wachowski Family Special
Sonic, Meet Knuckles

Side B
Papa’s Got a Brand New Stache
The Master Emerald
So You Think You Can Pivonka
Goodnight, Tails
Ages Ago
You Know Nothing About Me

Side C
Operation Catfish
Eureka, I Found It
Gotta Go Fast
Entering the Labyrinth
You Don’t Have to Be Alone Anymore

Side D
Team vs Robotnik
Okay, We’re Not Friends
A New Order

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