Knuckles Investigates a Precursor Civilization in Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Divergence

After much anticipation, today marks the release of Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Divergence, a Knuckles-focused animated short announced during the most recent Sonic Central presentation.

The short focuses on Knuckles in an introspective moment as he contemplates his own isolation. With surprising directness, the story ties itself to the events of Sonic Adventure, as well as the precursor civilizations that exist on the fringes of Sonic lore. For Sonic continuity buffs, the short certainly suggest that the tendrils of the Starfall Islands have a very wide, very old reach.

As with Sonic Frontiers proper, the short was written by Ian Flynn with consulting from Evan Stanley, with the animation itself handled once again by Tyson Hesse and Powerhouse Animation Studio. Dave Mitchell returns as Knuckles, though with significantly more nuanced dialog than in his prior performance in Team Sonic Racing. And to round out the veritable who’s who of official Sonic projects, Tee Lopes composed the short’s original music.

Divergence gives a much heartier taste of Sonic Frontiers’ story than Prologue: Convergence and plays into the tone that Frontiers on the whole has established. This isn’t pure goofball Knucklehead, but the short strikes a balance of not being overly serious either. It builds itself upon the existing Sonic world, both classic and modern, while seeding Frontiers’ own mysteries.

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  1. Man what I would do for some kind of Sonic show in this animation, loved this!👍Knuckles!!!🤜🤛

  2. This makes me want a Knuckles anime like solo film.

    I also would love a 3D Sonic game which has these animated shorts as the cutscenes.

  3. Great short. Very cool to tie things to SA1 so directly and to show Knuckles being Knuckles on a day where no one else is there to bother him. Kind of funny to see all the Chao on Angel Island since even though logically that would be their natural habitat, I don’t think they’ve ever been depicted there.

    However it gives me some pretty big reservations about where the game’s plot is going now. Even if it is handled well, I don’t really want an origin story for the Chaos Emeralds. In my opinion sometimes it’s better to just let things exist without giving them backstory. I respect Ian Flynn and expect the plot to be good based on that, but I worry that unraveling this thread (if indeed that’s where the plot goes) is going to be bad for the series as a whole even if it’s good in the moment. I hope very much that I’m wrong and just overly pessimistic about Frontiers as usual though.

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